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The Best Happy Hour Spots to visit for a Quick Boozy Cool Down 🍹

The Best Happy Hour Spots to visit for a Quick Boozy Cool Down 🍹

What’s better than one chilled boozy cocktail on a hot summer day? Two of course!

We’ve been stuck inside for ages due to the pandemic, so now that we’re finally able to go out and grab a drink at the bar, let’s remember the blessing that is getting tipsy on a budget in the afternoon. So grab your friends and head out to one of these locations for a super happy hour. 🎉

Hard Rock Cafe 

Happy hour is on weekdays from 3 to 7pm at Hard Rock Cafe at the Valletta Waterfront. Not only can you get double the cocktails and beers, but starters are also 50% off! What’s more, if you spend your government vouchers here you get a free legendary burger. 🎸


If you’re up for some super innovative cocktails and draught beer, you can get double the booze at this spot between 3 and 6pm every day. We recommend staying after drinks for some of Bianca’s fabulous tapas and a possibly even a few more drinks! 🌮

Hugo’s Lounge 

Hugo’s Lounge is pretty much the happy hour location, with 2 for 1 on selected cocktails between 3 and 6pm, every day! It doesn’t get much better than this. But wait, it does, because their sushi menu is to die for - check out Classic Thursdays for 20% off selected menu items. 🍣

Hammett’s Gastro Bar

Hammett’s Gastro Bar is a super elegant location for happy hour drinks with pals. Enjoy their classic cocktail selection, as well as signature local-inspired and Asian fusion mixologies, and plus... their Dim Sum and Bar Bites are the perfect alcohol buddy too! 🍸

Cheeky Monkey Gastropub

Happy hour is on at Cheeky Monkey Gastropub from 4-7pm in their Qawra joint, and 3.30 to 5.30pm in Valletta, where you can get 2 signature cocktails for just €10. Give their Monkey Nibbles a try - fair warning though, you won't be able to stop at one choice! 🐒

Bar Native

Another classic spot in the heart of Paceville, Bar Native is practically famous for happy hour. Start your evening with cocktails paired with 50% off on their nibbles menu. Eat to your heart's content or just to get drunk, we won’t judge. 🤪

The Black Sheep 

This hot new spot on the Strand has been all the craze, so it’s time to check it out if you haven’t already. Get your 2 for 1s from 3 - 7pm at The Black Sheep, with an all new premium cocktail menu. This just might become your go-to cocktail spot of the summer! 🐑

Chalice Bar & Lounge 

Talking about coming back strong after the pandemic, Chalice is offering happy hour all day long! That’s noon to midnight people, it’s not a drill. Head over to this Paceville location for selected cocktails, and a free bottle of prosecco for every group of 4 or more. 🥂

Queen Victoria City Club

It's buy one get one free on all cocktails at the Queen Victoria City Pub in the capital.This super chill location is perfect for pretty much any occasion, so head on down and enjoy some icy drinks and great food. 🍔

La Nave

If you've not been here yet, you definitely should! La Nave is a great place to grab a super delish meal, but it's also a great spot to grab a few cocktails with friends. They've got a Buy One Get One Free offer going from Monday to Friday; 5 - 7pm, and if you don't get lost in the drink, you'll definitely get lost in the magnificent views that stand before you!

Happy drinking! 🍻

Let us know where you’ll be heading out to for happy hour this weekend. ⬇️

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