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What’s the deal with banana peel? The OG secret ingredient 🤫

What’s the deal with banana peel? The OG secret ingredient 🤫

Bananas are a great fruit. 🍌 

Need a quick fix of potassium? Have a banana. Finish the lyrics? Have a banana. Forgot to thaw your chicken breast for tonight’s curry? Have a banana, keep the peel and let us blow your mind. 🤯

Confused? So are we. 😬

According to the Guardian, banana skins were due to become the food of 2020. And surprisingly enough bananas can be used (almost) entirely as an ingredient. Not even monkeys eat that end. 🙊

That’s right - bananas aren’t just for banana bread. 😏

Use the fruit inside to your heart's content, but if you’re not making use of the peel as well then our only guess would be that you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Let’s get you back on. 

Now, on the topic of curry - this is where it all started for me. 💁 The queen of food, Nigella Lawson, shared a banana peel curry in her latest batch of recipes and claims that people she’s fooled into eating them have said they taste like aubergine. 🍆

Nigella strung us along long enough for someone to crack the code, however. 

Nigella bends the truth by serving the dish as a cauliflower curry - which she adds off-screen. 👀

Though not much has since brewed from the tea (which is also something you can do with banana peels - brewing, that is), banana peels are quite similar to the flesh of a jackfruit.

Which is why you may see it abroad in some hipster restaurants used as a vegan filler for things like pulled pork or chicken. 🍃

But banana peels do show up in quite a few other foods…

Just not as you would usually expect them. 🤪

Some people will even make a ‘tea’ from the brewed peels and fruit to drink for anxiety relief or as an anti-depressant - in the medical term (it’ll put you to sleep). 💤

And you can even use them to make meatballs (🤯) just like your mother used to make (only slightly different and with no meat). 🍝

Would you try banana peel?

And if you’re still not convinced, just go with the traditional use of a banana. We’ve got plenty of ideas for you. 🍌

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