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It's Study Time in Malta: here are the Best Spots to help you Focus! 💻

It's Study Time in Malta: here are the Best Spots to help you Focus! 💻

Let’s face it, when we have what seems like a hundred deadlines to sort out, anything that can ease off the stress helps. Personally, I find that going to a good spot to study, work and get stuff done really gets me in a productive mood. 😌

Not to mention that a tasty snack can never do any harm, especially when we’re working under pressure… so here you have it; the best spots in Malta for a good study or work sesh 💪

Costa Coffee

It’s not unknown that the majority of students in Malta love getting their work done at Costa Coffee. While it’s perfect for group work and quick business meetings, it’s not too hectic at the same time. Their cappuccinos are also really good - what’s not to love about this place? 👌


We all know how important healthy food is to keep you energised, focused and feeling better than ever. You don’t necessarily have to make a salad every day at home to benefit from the goodness that’s in healthy food. All you have to do is go to Eeetwell and order any food item off their menu. Trust us, you’ll feel more productive afterwards. 🥗

Lulu Cafe

This cosy and classy cafe in Ibragg is fantastic. You don’t often come across a cafe that perfects all the little details, from that tiny cake piece they give you with your coffee to the super fresh bread they serve on a daily basis. Plus, every cake at Lulu’s is divine - go there during your next study sesh and I promise you’ll be leaving with a takeout slice of cake in your hand! 😍

Cafe Jubilee

This jazzy cafe in several locations in Malta and Gozo is a go-to for many people, and we totally understand why. The relaxing jazzy ambience, the super good coffee and the fun snacks keep luring people in time after time. Cafe Jubilee is also quite serene considering how easily it gets filled up with customers. ☕


Coffee, salads, ftiras - they have it all at Mint in Sliema. Not only is this place known for its insanely good brunch, but it also boasts the prettiest views of the Sliema promenade. This place is the place to be on a busy day when all you wanna do is to just chill out in the sun. 🌞

Where’s your favourite study spot? Tag the place in the comments below, we wanna know!

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