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It's Cappuccino Time: Top 6 spots for coffee (& more) in Malta! ☕

It's Cappuccino Time: Top 6 spots for coffee (& more) in Malta! ☕

Do you know what day it is today? It’s Cappuccino Day! If you’re a fan of this soul-hugging, heart-warming beverage, it’s your time to celebrate. 🎉

To make things even better, in just 4 days’ time we will be celebrating Vanilla Cupcake Day. Doesn’t a vanilla cupcake and a cappuccino sound like the perfect combo? 😍

Before we move on to Malta’s most awesome places for cappuccino and maybe a cupcake, let’s get one thing straight: cappuccino is considered to be a breakfast/brunch drink. If you’re going to an Italian restaurant in Malta or you’re travelling to Italy, you will be given the side-eye if you order a cappuccino after 12pm. 👀

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s have a look at where you can grab a cappuccino and maybe a vanilla cupcake or something sweet in Malta: 👇

Lulu Cafe

This cute little coffee shop in Swieqi makes some of the loveliest sweet creations. If you don’t want to pair your cappuccino with something sweet, don’t worry, Lulu Cafe offers savoury breakfast too! 🍳

Eri's Gourmet Cafe

Here’s a place your kids will definitely love! Eri’s Gourmet Cafe has got a fun play area for the kids and delicious food, desserts and coffee for everyone to enjoy. 😋


Healthier options don’t have to be boring, and nothing is boring at Mint! Having killer coffee beans from Lot61 and Malta’s best latte artist here, it’s safe to say that your cappuccino will be top notch. 👌

Are you a cappuccino fan?

Jalie's Coffee, Cakes & Bakes

There’s no better place to enjoy a cappuccino and something sweet than this lovely square in Attard. Jalie’s serves some amazing coffee and dessert selection in a beautiful environment. ☕

Kyoto Japanese Bakery

They might not have your basic vanilla cupcake here, but you can find some of the most unique creations to enjoy your cappuccino with at Kyoto. We’re talking custard buns, melon bread (no, not melon flavoured), vanilla bean cream puffs, and even fluffy Japanese cheesecake! 🤤

Delizie Siciliane

You can never go wrong with coffee from an Italian place. Apart from superb coffee, you can also enjoy awesome pastries and baked goods from Delizie Siciliane! 🥐

Will you be celebrating Cappuccino Day and Vanilla Cupcake day this week? Let us know which one of these places you head over to and share your experience with us! ✌️

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