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Burger News: McDonald’s Malta launch 2 new ‘Homestyle’ burgers! 🍔

Burger News: McDonald’s Malta launch 2 new ‘Homestyle’ burgers! 🍔

Don't you love it when McDonald’s Malta launch new burgers? Well, get excited, because TWO new burgers have just made their way to the McDonald's menu! 💪

Homestyle Burgers - Kentucky Style!

Do you ever find yourself craving a burger from McDonald’s Malta, but you want to go for something new instead of your usual order? We all love a classic McDonald’s burger, but sometimes, we crave something different that still has that McDonald’s touch to it. 👌

Well, this year’s Homestyle Burgers are all about that! They’re two new, big, premium sandwiches that still have the classic McDonald’s feel to them. Inspired by the spirit and flavours of Kentucky, the new Homestyle Burgers include Bourbon BBQ sauce, smoked bacon sauce, country cheddar cheese, and a whole lotta flavour. 😋

The Kentucky Beef Homestyle Burger from McDonald's Malta.

The Kentucky Beef Homestyle Burger. 🍔

Kentucky Beef or Kentucky Chicken?

There are two choices for this year’s Homestyle Burgers at McDonald’s: the Kentucky Beef or the Kentucky Chicken. Both burgers have the same ‘side characters’; an artisan bun, bacon strips, sharp country cheddar cheese, Bourbon BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and the beloved McBacon sauce. 🤤

The new Homestyle Burgers from McDonald's Malta.

Which one will you pick?

The ‘main character’ of the show is different, however. While the Kentucky Beef features McDonald’s famous beef patty, the Kentucky Chicken is home to a crispy chicken breast patty. But what we really want to know is… 🤔

Which team are you on?

Levelling up?

It seems like McDonald’s Malta have been levelling up their food game lately. They’ve been listening to their customers and they’ve also reimagined their classics just a few months ago. ✌️

They’ve brought back two classic McFlurry™ flavours that were loved by everyone and now, they’ve launched two new killer burgers. 🍔

The Kentucky Chicken Homestyle Burger from McDonald's Malta.

The Kentucky Chicken Homestyle Burger. 🍔

What do you think? Will you be trying out these new Homestyle Burgers from McDonald’s Malta? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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