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Top Spots for Cappuccino in Malta (Round 2!) ☕

Top Spots for Cappuccino in Malta (Round 2!) ☕

Did you know that it’s Cappuccino Day today? This delicious breakfast coffee drink deserves to be celebrated, so that’s what we’re helping you do! 😎

If you’re looking for a spot in Malta for a nice cappuccino and maybe even something to eat, check these out. 🤩


Have you ever been to this nice little cafeteria at The Plaza Food Hall? Delizioso serves some good coffee and delicious food, including breads, waffles, snacks and baked goodies. 🥐

La Crema

Looking for some Italian goodness? La Crema is the perfect spot for a cappuccino and a superb croissant (or any other pastry). Not just that, they’re now making incredible pizza! 🍕


This place is probably one of the best coffee spots in Malta. Lot61 makes coffee that is so great, other places buy coffee from them to serve at their coffee shops or eateries! So if you’re running around the capital city, make sure to grab a cappuccino from here. ☕

Will you celebrate Cappuccino Day?

Carolina’s Petit Cafe & Tearoom

Such a pretty spot for a cappuccino! Carolina’s Petit Cafe & Tearoom is located in Balzan, Qawra and Sliema and it has such beautiful interiors. This place is definitely a nice spot to visit on Cappuccino Day. 😍

Giorgio’s Cafeteria

Everybody knows Giorgio’s! Although this place is great for a delicious lunch, you can even visit for a quick cappuccino date and a quick snack. 🤤

French Affaire

This gorgeous cafeteria within Piazza Tigne serves some fantastic coffee and fresh pastries and goodies. French Affaire is perfect for breakfast or a quick snack throughout the day, served with a nice cappuccino, of course! 👌

Or get the Nespresso Vertuo and make your own!

With the launch of the new Nespresso Vertuo coffee experience, you can make the perfect cappuccino at home and just stay cosy on your sofa, binge-watching your favourite series! 😌

If you’re looking for even more spots for a nice cappuccino to celebrate Cappuccino Day, check out our previous list here! 😋

Tag someone who needs to buy you a cappuccino in the comments. 👇

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