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Top 10 Summer Snacks & Where to Get Them in Malta 👌

Top 10 Summer Snacks & Where to Get Them in Malta 👌

Wassup, summer lovers? Not me, I'm a winter gal myself. HOWEVER, summer does bring an opportunity to cook or eat something different and more refreshing, so I'll stick to the positive side (i.e. food). Although summer in Malta can be a tough one, there are some snacks that can help us beat the heat and maybe even increase our appetite. Let's have a look at our top 10 summer snacks and where you can get them in Malta. ✌️

Maltese ftira

We can never leave out this classic. It might make you feel as full as a regular meal would, but the Maltese ftira is a snack that hits differently in summer, especially near the beach. You can get a good ftira from so many places around the island, including JAR, Hungry Horse, Rocky's, Duke's Snack Bar, Mint and The Submarine. 😋

Poke Bowls

If you're on the go and you want something quick and refreshing to eat, poke bowls are your go-to snack. Packed with fresh veggies and protein, they will both cool you down and give you a healthy boost. Genki, Po-K, Wagyu to Go and Zen Sushi to Go all have killer poke bowls. 🤤

Smoothie Bowls

I don't know if it's just me, but smoothie bowls seem to have gotten more popular this year, especially açai bowls. The latter are basically smoothie bowls made with pureed frozen açai berries together with other fruits and toppings. You'll find awesome bowls at Two Buoys Oakberry, JAVA and Singita Miracle Beach. 🍓


If this isn't the best summer snack ever, I don't know what is. Bite-sized, refreshing and delicious - what else could you possibly need from a snack in summer? Get your dose of sushi from Zen Sushi to Go, Wagyu to Go, GENKI Asian Cafe, Cafe Del Mar and Yami Yabi. 🍣


Sometimes you might not feel like eating during the hot summer months and milkshakes will be there to save the day. They're ice-cold, creamy, sweet and oh so delicious! You can get a stunning milkshake from Marelli Cafe, Danny's, JAR, Jalie's and Bandit. 🍨


A cocktail in one hand and a nacho in the other; talk about balance, am I right? This crispy snack is perfect for a movie night under the AC if you want to stay inside, or as something to nibble on with cocktails if you’re heading out. Check out Bianca’s, Hard Rock Cafe, Cafe Cuba, Avotaco and The Brew Bar & Grill for some killer nachos. 🍹


This dip goes perfectly with nachos and it’s super refreshing. Guacamole is made with avocados, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, lime and a jalapeño if you want some spice, so it’s even kinda healthy! You can find guacamole as a side at Cafe Cuba and Avotaco. 🥑


Oh, man, bruschetta can be such a life saver sometimes. Whether you’re waiting for your food at a restaurant and need something to snack on in the meantime, or whether you’re in dire need of a delicious, fresh snack, this crunchy bread topped with tomatoes and onions is all that you need in summer. The best thing is that bruschetta can be found at almost every restaurant and snack bar on the island! 💪

Maltese Platter

I don’t think any other cuisine can beat the Maltese cuisine. There’s something about it that brings the ultimate freshness to your plate. A typical Maltese platter is one thing in our cuisine that is super popular during summer. A mix of gbejniet, sundried tomatoes, galletti, bigilla, stuffed olives, Maltese bread, arjoli, Maltese sausage, marinated broad beans… damn! Fra Giuseppe, Supernova Heights, Ta’ Kris, Diar il-Bniet and D Kalkara Regatta all have amazing Maltese platters. 👌


If you want your ‘snack’ to be just a little sweeter, I think cheesecake could be your winner. A cold slice (or two) of this creamy wonder is definitely the way to beat the summer heat. Who said snacks have to be savoury anyway? Get some cheesecake from The Cake Box, Busy Bee, Danny's, James Bakes and Cakes, and if you want a Japanese twist, try the Japanese Fluffy Cheesecake from Kyoto! 🤩

What snacks make you think of summer? Share photos of your favourite summer snacks with us by tagging us in your Instagram posts or stories using our handle 😏

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