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7 things we love about Blue House in Birgu 🤩

7 things we love about Blue House in Birgu 🤩

By now you should have an idea of how much we love Blue House in Birgu, but do you know why we love it so much? That’s what we’re here to tell you today! 😎

This relatively new restaurant in Malta should definitely be a must-try for anyone who loves food, so if you’re looking for reasons why you should check Blue House out, here you go. ✌️

Dining at Blue House Malta.

A dining experience like no other.

There’s nothing like it in Malta

Blue House is honestly unique. We’ve never seen anything like it in Malta! It actually used to be a naval engineer’s home, so it still has all the rooms and some of the engineer’s sketches in there. 😍

It’s full of history and the interiors are just gorgeous. It’s a mix of classic, vintage decor with a modern touch, so dining here is an absolute treat. 👌

The Stuffed Dates from the new menu at Blue House.

Don't these Stuffed Dates look amazing?

The food is incredible

It really is. You’ll see dishes on the Blue House menu that you’ve never seen before and every dish is made with an enormous amount of love and attention. The flavour of each dish is impeccable and they are all plated beautifully, too! 😋

The menu changes seasonally

Speaking of the food, every single ingredient is as fresh as it can be. The menu at Blue House changes with every season so that only ingredients that are in season at that particular time are used. This is also one of the main reasons why the food tastes so good. 🤤

You feel right at home

You walk through a beautiful blue door, you are greeted by smiling faces, and it feels like you’re right at home (but with superb, high-quality restaurant food). They also have all the facilities to cater for everyone; whether you need to use a wheelchair, whether you’re visiting with a stroller, or any other thing, they will help you out! 💪

Blue House includes a gorgeous, vintage-looking bar, a spectacular dining area, and a cosy, calming atmosphere - it’s an experience you need to have. 🤩

Bigoli All'Anatra from Blue House.

The Bigoli All'Anatra are a favourite at Blue House!

You can dine in a private room or in the beautiful courtyard

Blue House has kept the original rooms from when the building used to be a naval engineer’s home and turned them into dining rooms. These rooms give you privacy and make you feel like someone is serving you at home. 😌

They also have a stunning courtyard for you to be able to dine under the stars! Whichever spot you choose to dine in, you’re guaranteed a fantastic evening. 💯

The Blue House courtyard.

What a beautiful courtyard!

It’s located in a historic spot in Malta

Blue House’s location is also bursting with history. Birgu was a prime participant in the Great Siege in 1565 (that’s why it’s named Citta Vittoriosa, after all). The streets of Birgu are quaint and full of character, so parking outside of Birgu and walking through the streets of this small town before your dinner at Blue House can definitely make your night super special. 🥰

The Slow Cooked Organic Chicken from Blue House.

Are you hungry yet?

Their desserts are all homemade and delicious

Just like everything else about Blue House, their desserts are super unique. They are all made in-house and baked in the Blue House kitchen, and they are absolutely divine! 🍰

Venetian Custard from Blue House Malta.

This Venetian Custard is the bomb!

If you want to know even more about Blue House in Birgu, you can read all about it here. But you will definitely need to try this restaurant out yourself to understand what we’re talking about! 😏

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