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Blue House: All you need to know about this hidden gem in Birgu πŸ’™

Blue House: All you need to know about this hidden gem in Birgu πŸ’™

For the last few months we’ve been absolutely loving Blue House; a restaurant that opened its doors in the picturesque Birgu in Malta in December 2021. We’ve tried their food quite a few times, and we have never been disappointed. The food is exceptional, the service is outstanding, and the restaurant itself is just a feast for the eyes. 😍

We had a little chat with the people who make Blue House so awesome, to gather all the behind-the-scenes deets. Here's all you need to know about this hidden gem! πŸ‘‡

How did Blue House start? What's the inspiration behind it?ο»Ώ

The idea for Blue House began when an Italian (Sergio) and a Maltese (Ruth) realised that they have one thing in common: respect for tradition and history. We both have a passion for providing a deep sense of welcome and we have a dream in common: to create beauty and charm, so Blue House was born! πŸ’™

The interior of Blue House, Birgu.

The beauty and charm of Blue House in Birgu can be seen from every angle.

Tell us a bit about Blue House's Head Chef and his inspiration behind the menu.

Eros has over 30 years of experience in the kitchen! His refined expertise manages to stimulate all the senses. He is self-taught and has a passion for raw materials, which led him to New York, where he worked for 5 years. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

He then travelled to Southeast Asia and continued to experiment with different ingredients. Through his roots and extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine, he seeks simplicity without sacrificing flavour. All of this is reflected in the Blue House Bistro menu, which is characterised by Mediterranean cuisine with an international touch. πŸ‘Œ

Tuna Tartare, Crispy, Crunchy Popadom and Pan-fried Curried King Prawn at Blue House, Birgu.

Tuna Tartare, Crispy, Crunchy Popadom and Pan-fried Curried King Prawn.

What makes your food different from any other restaurant?

We believe that high-quality food does not need to be manipulated, but made with love into a simple, yet refined presentation. Our dishes are unique through the use of high-quality raw materials, expert hands, passion, and the combination of Italian and Maltese traditions. πŸ™Œ

We also offer a wide selection of wines, sparkling wines, craft beers, spirits and a special menu of sparkling and natural mineral waters to accompany our dishes. 🍽️

Seabass Roll and Panzanella and Burrata at Blue House, Birgu.

Enjoying the Seabass Roll and Panzanella and Burrata with beer and wine!

Why did you choose to open up in Birgu? 

The Cottonera charm, its architecture, its picturesque landscapes, but mostly, its history which is a bridge between Italy and Malta. Birgu was named Vittoriosa (the Victorious city) thanks to Fra Roberto da Eboli, an Italian priest who was crucial in keeping Birgu undefeated during the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. ✌️

An Aperol Spritz and the Crispy, Crunchy Popadon at Blue House, Birgu.

Blue House's Rooftop Terrace showcases beautiful silhouettes of the buildings in Birgu.

The building is gorgeous. Can you share a bit of its history with us?

It goes way back! The story of the Blue House building begins in 1550 when the Knights used this place to have a good time after long days of hospital service. You can still see the Auberges of France, Italy and Allemagne around this building, as well as the hall of the Knights. πŸ›‘οΈ

Later on, in 1934, a naval engineer and his wife came to live in this house. In fact, in the rooms which we currently use as private dining rooms, you can still admire the original naval designs of the engineer, ancient maps, and other historical documents. πŸ“œ

Overlooking the courtyard from the rooftop at Blue House, Birgu.

Blue House is a gorgeous house of character! (Image provided by Blue House)

The evolution of the house’s construction can also be observed, dating back to the Middle Ages! From the staircase to the courtyard, the building goes back to the year 900, while the characteristic spiral staircase, the β€œgarigor”, opens the view to the front of the building, which goes back to the 16th century. This was part of the perimeter of the military officers’ quarters. βš”οΈ

One of the beautiful private dining rooms at Blue House in Birgu.

One of the beautiful private dining rooms at Blue House!

Have you visited Blue House yet?

Does your menu change or do you stick to one specific menu? 

The menu is seasonal, so we change it according to what ingredients are in season. However, we do try to keep our most popular dishes fixed - we don’t want to disappoint our loyal customers! πŸ˜‹

The Anchovy Pesto Bigoli at Blue House in Birgu.

The Anchovy Pesto Bigoli is absolutely divine.

What is your main aim for your customers when it comes to their experience at Blue House? 

Our goal is to make our customers feel at home in a place that oozes history, welcomed by friends who have the pleasure of offering the best; good food and excellent wine! You can spend magical moments under a sky of stars in our courtyard, or else relax in the intimacy of one of the private rooms. πŸ₯°

The courtyard inside the Blue House restaurant in Birgu

Isn't the Blue House courtyard charming?

Do you cater for private events? 

Of course! Blue House is magic; it can become whatever you want! We offer a multi-functional space where our guests can live unforgettable moments, feel with all of their senses, discover new artists, listen to great music, have fun with family and friends, taste excellent food and savour different wine bouquets from our selection. 🍷

Blue House is available for musical evenings, private parties, exhibitions, food and wine tastings, and, well, whatever you want! πŸ’ƒ

The courtyard at Blue House that can be used for any event.

Can you imagine how fun an event here would be?

What does the future look like for Blue House? 

We’ve got great plans to make our guests' experience even more unforgettable. We are planning to open our rooms to transform part of Blue House into an accommodation soon. Guests can experience the hospitality of being at a friend's house without giving up all the comforts of a holiday or they can have a comfortable place to unwind during a business trip. 😌

Breakfast will be served in our courtyard under the blue sky of Birgu, in a tearoom or in our retro bar, so our guests can wake up to the smell of coffee and small pastries. πŸ₯

The retro bar at Blue House, Birgu

Having breakfast in the retro bar at Blue House will transport you to another era!

Scones, breads, croissants, muffins, cakes and pastries at Blue House, Birgu.

Pastries and other goodies are freshly baked in the Blue House kitchen every morning. (Image provided by Blue House)

We will also be opening a lounge bar on our rooftop terrace soon for guests to enjoy magical sunsets and silhouettes of the buildings in Birgu - just like a postcard! 🀩

The Rooftop Terrace at Blue House, Birgu

Blue House's lovely Rooftop Terrace. (Image provided by Blue House)

How would you describe Blue House in one sentence?

Rather than a sentence, we’ll describe Blue House in a number of words: blue, obviously, but also charming, beautiful, cosy, friendly, and tasty! At Blue House, you can expect the unexpected. 😏

Gin & Tonic at Blue House in Birgu.

Doesn't this Gin look extremely refreshing?

Blue House is quite the experience! I don’t think we have ever been to a place quite like this one in Malta. If you haven’t tried Blue House out yet, you’re really missing out! 🀀

Book a table by calling on +35699631368, sending a WhatsApp message on +35677222067, or sending an email to [email protected]. 😎

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