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If it’s an Indian feast you fancy, The Plaza’s the only answer! 🤩

If it’s an Indian feast you fancy, The Plaza’s the only answer! 🤩

You know that feeling where you can’t shake that something out of your head? Playing like a song on repeat… that’s how we at FoodBlog feel about curry, rice, bhaji and all the rest. We’re talking Indian baby, and it’s constantly on our minds. The sweetest, spiciest and most aromatic loop we’re totally cool with being hooked on! 😋

Curry, rice, naan and condiments at Indian restaurant The Tiffin Box Malta in Sliema.

The freshest Indian food served up at The Tiffin Box - take a look at that spread.

The Tiffin Box is an extra-super spot to visit for all your Indian fantasies; they’re situated in The Plaza Shopping Centre, so since things are up and running from today, you should definitely pay them a visit and gaze upon the beauty that is their facade. Decked out with the most vibrant of colours bringing so much life and fun to the Level Zero Food Hall. 🤤

The colourful facade of  Indian retaurant The Tiffin Box at The Plaza in Sliema.

Look at that store front... isn't she pretty.

The Tiffin Box, doesn’t only serve up some seriously good eats, in the form of Chicken Biryani - a fragrant rice dish that combines the true flavours of India, the Saag Chicken - an unbelievably delicious dark green vegetable dish that is generally lapped up with roti, naan or any form of bread, and chefs at The Tiffin Box know a thing or two about buttered carbs; aka their Garlic Naan. 🤤

Takeaway indian curries from The Tiffin Box at the plaza in sliema malta

Eat in or take out, these curries will be your absolute calling!

Oh, yeah, where were we… sorry about that the food here is so damn good, I just got carried away… these guys not only serve up some smashing meals, they also take on, I dare say, Malta’s most eco-friendly form of takeaway option. As the name suggests, meals at The Tiffin Box, are served up in a ‘tiffin box’ - now we’ve already explained this to you all… but we’ll try and break it down again. 👇

A tiffin box is a vessel that our friends all the way in India use to transport their curries, rice and other culinary classics. When jetting around, the dhabala (delivery crew) use tiffin boxes to keep their food warm, fresh and safe from the elements - it’s just the perfect solution and a zero-waste one at that. ♻️

The Tiffin Box at the plaza in sliema malta serving curries in a tiffin box for takeaway.

Stacks upon stacks in this tiffin box... and it's bringing home the flavour.

And just to encourage this splendid idea, The Tiffin Box offer up to €10 off all tiffin box pickups from their Plaza outlet, when ordering a 4-tier tiffin that generally consists of 3 curries, rice and 2 naans. 💪

But if you’re a little too far from The Plaza or too lazy to get to The Plaza, you can opt for delivery - that sadly won’t come in the 4-tier metal tiffin, but will taste just as good and make you just as happy! A great way to go there is their Zing Boxes - packed with authentic Indian flavours and delivered right to your door. What more could you want? 🍚

So why not treat yourself to a real pick me up, a blues buster and a good vibes dish of curry made with love and the freshest of ingredients from The Plaza’s Tiffin Box. 🍛

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