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5 things to do on Victory Day in Malta ✌️

5 things to do on Victory Day in Malta ✌️

One of the many reasons why I love September is because it signifies the end of summer (sorry, summer folks). But apart from that, September in Malta brings two public holidays along with it, and lucky for us, both of them fall on a weekday this year! 🤩

If you’re looking for some things to do on Victory Day in Malta (especially if you’ve planned a long weekend), check some of our ideas out. 😋

Have takeout from The Tiffin Box by the sea

Doesn’t Indian food by the sea sound like the most comforting thing? Imagine listening to the waves while devouring a soul-warming curry from an authentic Indian place like The Tiffin Box, and maybe dipping your feet into the cold waters after… This could be the perfect way to wind down after some busy days! 😌

Grab some classic food from a local feast

The 8th of September in Malta celebrates both Our Lady of Victories and  “Il-Bambina” (the nativity of Virgin Mary). Feasts in Malta, just like everything else, always have specific types of foods associated with them. 🤭

A hot dog from the gabbana (kiosk), a piece of nougat, imqaret, or those small, fried doughnuts are all delicious classics at Maltese feasts. So head over to your nearest festa and have a 3-course meal! 🤤

Go to lunch by yourself

I feel like these ‘breaks’ in the middle of the week are perfect days to wind down and re-focus. One way to do that is to enjoy your own company and focus on your own energy. And what better way to do that than by taking yourself out on a date? 😍

Book a table for one at your favourite restaurant and take time to enjoy every bite of your food - no distractions! 👌

Taste Neapolitan street food at Nu Cafe

If you haven’t tried this place out yet, this is the perfect time for you! Nu Cafe is the first Neapolitan cafeteria in Malta that serves authentic Neapolitan street food and snacks. They’re located close to the Farsons Brewery in Mriehel, so it’s great for a quick bite to eat in between errands! 🥪

Check out The Quad Central at Mriehel

Speaking of Mriehel, this place is kind of a foodie’s heaven. The Quad Central recently opened its doors, housing the new Greens supermarket, which is full of incredible stuff to fill your pantry with, and a few restaurants so you can grab a quick lunch after your grocery shopping. I love supermarkets, so this would be my perfect kind of outing! ✌️

What are your plans for this public holiday? Will you be doing any of the above? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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