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A new Grana is open in Valletta and we tried it out! 😋

A new Grana is open in Valletta and we tried it out! 😋

If you have already heard of Grana, a restaurant situated in Gzira, you’ll be excited about this. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re in for a treat, especially if you’re looking for Italian cuisine in Malta! 👌

Grana has recently opened its doors in Valletta, accompanying The Cumberland Hotel. Knowing (and loving) their restaurant in Gzira, we were thrilled to make our way to their new location. 😍

The new Grana restaurant in Valletta!

The new Grana restaurant in Valletta!

Beautiful interiors

The new Valletta restaurant is just gorgeous. The ambiance is relaxing and it’s nicely decorated. It has a sort of natural beauty with a touch of local history. One of the waiters mentioned that the building itself is over 200 years old! 👀

But you’re probably more interested in the food, aren’t you? 😏

A feast of Italian flavours!

Grana focuses on Italian cuisine, serving some truly authentic Italian dishes with the freshest ingredients. 🙌

Cocktails at Grana.

We got a few drinks to start with.

We kicked off our dinner with a non-alcoholic welcome drink which our waiter very kindly offered us. It consisted of strawberries and orange juice and it was a super refreshing start to our evening. 😋

Have you been to Grana?

For starters, we opted for the Burrata e Prosciutto Crudo, Carpaccio di Carne, and Tartare di Salmone, all of which were nicely plated. I have to admit, the salmon tartare was probably my favourite of the three, served with a gorgeous beetroot puree that really gave the dish a lovely contrast of flavours as well as colours. 🤩

Tartare di Salmone, Carpaccio di Carne, Burrata e Prosciutto Crudo at Grana Valletta.

Our starters looking fantastic!

Onto our mains - Rigatoni alla Carbonara, Agnolotti ai Funghi Porcini, and Pancia di Maiale. The latter was probably the star of the show; a slow-cooked, tender pork belly on top of a creamy bed of potato puree. The Agnolotti were also incredibly flavourful! 🤤

An incredible and varied menu is waiting for you

The ones we had are just a few dishes from the menu. Starters, crudi, pasta dishes, meat, fish, burgers, salads, a kids’ menu - you can find all of these at the new Grana. Unlike the restaurant in Gzira, the one in Valletta does not serve pizza, however. 💔

But don’t worry, the selection is incredibly diverse. In fact, if you’re a person who finds it difficult to decide what to eat, we suggest having a look at the menu before you go. And if more than one dish catches your eye, just head over there with some friends who won’t mind sharing, get a few different dishes, and make a feast out of it. 😎

A close up of the Pork Belly at Grana Valletta.

A close up of the delicious Pork Belly.

If you haven’t tried this place out yet, you’re really missing out. You can book a table right over here. 👈

Tag the person you will be taking with you to Grana in the comments. 🤭

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