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LOA, Malta: A culinary masterpiece of South American flavour 🤩

LOA, Malta: A culinary masterpiece of South American flavour 🤩

I am not one to head over to St. Paul’s Bay for a meal very frequently, given that it’s quite a long drive for me, but after our experience at LOA, I would walk there if it meant I would be dining there again. 🙈

Walking in, we were immediately greeted with smiling faces. The ambience was inviting, with beautiful interiors. You can see some kitchen equipment that is quite unique, like pineapple rotisseries and open fire ruedo fish spikes, as well as large grills, rotisseries, and smokers. 🔥

The name of the restaurant is a dedication to the longest river in Chile, which is named Loa, and to the Loa goddesses, spiritual beings which you can also see in the logo. But now, let’s talk about the food! 😏

The outside dining area at LOA, Malta.

Every corner of LOA is absolutely gorgoeus.

An impressive menu

The menu has quite a large selection of dishes which may not be very familiar. But every single dish has a perfect harmony of flavour, including the cocktails! 🍹

We opted for Venice en Rose, Aire de Jalisco, and Punch in a Bottle. These were insane. So much thought goes into the preparation of these cocktails - you can tell from just one glance and one sip! 👌

Cocktails at LOA, Malta.

Our cocktail selection.

Time for the starters

Having been impressed by the cocktails, we were super excited to try the food! Each and every dish was a winner in our eyes, but the Seared Beef Crudo was our absolute favourite. It was incredibly flavourful, and when we say ‘incredibly’, we really could not believe how delicious this was. 😱

We also loved the Tuna Ceviche and the Amberjack Crudo, which were so fresh and exquisite! The Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, served in a concoction of garlic buttermilk, double caviar and harissa, were comforting with a bit of a spicy kick that was balanced out by the buttermilk. And finally, the Truffled Potato Papa Rellena were like a soft, fluffy cloud of impeccable flavour. 💯

Seared Beef Crudo from LOA, Malta.

Our favourite - the Seared Beef Crudo!

Onto the mains!

We wanted to try out everything, so we asked our super helpful waitress, the lovely Madu, for her recommendations, and we were so happy that we did. 😌

Our main dishes from LOA, Malta.

That's quite a selection of mains, huh?

Her main recommendations were the Smoked Pork Cheek Tacos and the Frito Ensalada de Platano, which turned out to be our favourites! The tacos were impeccable. A corn tortilla encases the most tender pieces of smoked pork cheek, pickled onions and a green Peruvian sauce called aji verde. 👏

The Smoked Pork Cheek Tacos from LOA, Malta.

These tacos were stupendous.

Have you visited LOA yet?

The Frito Ensalada de Platano consisted of fried plantain, Aleppo chilli syrup, herbs, avocado and labneh, and it was a star dish. It was such a great combination of flavours - I’m drooling as I type. 🤤

The Frito Ensalada de Platano (fried plantains) from LOA, Malta.

The gorgeous Frito Ensalada de Platano.

We also went for the Smoked Brisket Fried Rice, the Jerusalem Artichoke, Langostino Tandoor, and the Costillar de Cordero a la Parrilla (lamb chops). All of these were super appetising, but the lamb chops were probably our top pick from these 4 dishes. Perfectly cooked and served with Mexican ash sauce and labneh that created an amazing balance of texture and taste. 😍

The Costillar de Cordero a la Parrilla (lamb chops) from LOA, Malta.

These lamb chops were divine!

We couldn’t skip dessert, could we?

We were feeling absolutely full to the brim, but when Madu came over to tell us about their sweet selection, we succumbed to our desires and shared one dessert. Yet again, we asked Madu for her recommendation and we were not disappointed. The Maiz Tres Leche was unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before. 🤩

This dish was a soft, fluffy, moist vanilla sponge, topped with cinnamon mascarpone, popcorn, and aerated white chocolate that took us by surprise because it was actually black. This dessert was so out of this world that we were speechless! 😶

The Maiz Tres Leche dessert from LOA, Malta.

The dessert of dreams.

Not just a one-time visit

Dining at LOA was such a delightful culinary experience that I have not stopped talking about it, and I don’t think I will anytime soon! It’s not just the food that is impeccable, it’s the service too. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, yet professional and so knowledgeable about the entire menu. ✌️

The beautiful interiors at LOA, Malta.


If you’re worried about parking in St. Paul’s Bay, LOA have already solved that problem for you. They offer free parking here, AND they have a shuttle service that can pick you up from the parking location or anywhere in Bugibba and St. Paul’s Bay, and drop you off again after your meal. Isn’t that fantastic? 💪

The outdoor area at LOA, Malta.

The outdoor area is perfect for a relaxing evening.

LOA is the sister restaurant to another amazing spot in Valletta - AKI - and both of them form part of the Lifestyle Group of restaurants. 😎

Tag someone you want to visit LOA with! Maybe they’ll take the hint. 😉

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