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FoodBlog Review: Mint, Sliema. Your 7 a day in one meal 🌿

FoodBlog Review: Mint, Sliema. Your 7 a day in one meal 🌿

We all know eating ‘cleaner’ is better for our health; but generally, when we think of cleaner food, we think of boring, bland food. Well, not at Mint in Tower Road, Sliema. Dare I say that Mint is the OG healthy food spot in Malta. They did it before it was cool. Mint are the trendsetters of healthy eating on the island and it’s great to know that they haven’t taken a back seat after 11 years in the biz. 🥇

The Mint Mentality

A trip to Mint could mean quite a few things; a casual lunch when flying solo, a catch-up with a friend, a quick business meeting, a spot to take your mum for a Saturday brunch and even as a go-to for on-the-go lunches, juices and healthy baked desserts. The ordering system is simple, but it may take you some time to decide what to get from the colourful display by the till.

An assortment of dishes from Mint in Sliema Tower road. These include the chick pea patty, gourmet lasagna, asparagus and rocket focaccia

The spread at Mint is always so colourful and inviting - we were ready to dig in.

While Mint’s menu does have a few staples that are pretty much available throughout the seasons, the beauty of their selection is that they mix it up every now and then. A seasonal menu doesn’t allow you to serve figs in February, so why do it? Mint’s produce is delivered daily and is always as fresh as can be; heavily relying on local and organic produce whenever possible. And the best thing about Mint, in my opinion, is that there’s something for everyone, vegans, veggies, coeliacs, carnivores - we’re all catered for. 

A classic Mint juice

Going to Mint hungry is a great idea. Choosing only one dish to try out from their selection is quite a tough one, but luckily, for the sake of this 3-dish review; we opted for a variety of main dishes, a couple of side salads and a focaccia, just for good measure. 😋

We sat in the outside area, where the slight rush of Sliema keeps you on your toes while the serene sea views just across the road level you back down. And out came our juices; a vibrant display of Mint’s classic juices Beet It, Cleansing and Mint Cooler. Each juice was freshly prepared and packed with flavour, and of course, there’s no doubt you’re getting a good dose of your vitamins and minerals with every sip. 

An assortment of healthy juices made of fresh juice daily. These include a mint smoothie, a beetroot smoothie and carrot and ginger smoothie

Mint Cooler, Cleansing and Beet it all looking absolutely scrumptious (Left to Right).

A small juice goes for €3.50 while the large is €3.90 - always go large here; you can never get enough of these fresh super-drinks. 

Mint’s anti-discriminatory display

Mint, for me, is a café that will fit any crowd, and more importantly every dietary need you can think of. The kitchen crew is on-point with their health trends, allergy restrictions and the whole shebang, really - with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and meat-friendly dishes to suit everyone’s palette. We chose a few different options to get a good balance of their offering:

The chickpea success

Our first bite: the Chickpea Patty. This vegan main dish was not at the top of our list when we ordered it, but the first bite shot it straight up to the winners’ circle. Initiate slow clap foodies, this one’s not only for the health-conscious out there, the Chickpea Patty defies every bad impression of a vegan patty - it’s not grainy, it doesn’t fall apart when you take a fork full and it’s packed with flavour. 

A chickpea patty from Mint, Tower Road, Sliema with a side of salad and pineapple chutney

The Chickpea Patty in all its glory! This guy was a winner.

The star ingredient, the chickpea, or garbanzo bean, is accompanied by sweet potatoes that give the dish a slightly sweet tone which is effortlessly balanced out with a slight curry aroma. The mouthfeel is wholesome, there’s a bit of bite to it which is totally welcome in a vegan patty. It’s paired with a pineapple, tomato and garlic salsa that kind of sparks the right flavour profiles to complement the dish. It’s €6.50 and comes with a side salad and Mint’s classic dressing.

The game-changing lasagne

This menu item could be your lifesaver. We all have that one friend who thinks that if they’re not eating meat in their meal; it’s not a meal worth having. Well, the Gourmet Lasagne takes the classic expectations of a lasagne and packs in some nutrition between the layers. 

A signature lasagna by Mint called the Gourmet Lasagna, made out of pumpkin, grilled aubergines, beef and pork ragu

Not just any ordinary lasagna... it's packed with veggies. 🤩

Made with spiced pumpkin, grilled aubergine and a rich beef and pork ragu, this satisfying dish layers in all the right flavours topped with a crown of homemade bechamél. Now, who on this planet does not like bechamél? The lasagne is sturdy, it’s solid; it’s not your general Italian pasta bake that oozes cream and cheese out of every seam - and that’s a pretty good thing if you’d like to preserve some energy to walk back to your car after the meal. 🏃‍♀️

And it’s not just with the lasagne, it’s every dish at Mint - you don’t feel bogged down by what you’ve eaten; even though you’ve had a pasta dish, or a pie or a brownie for that matter. Each menu item is prepared with attention and care - it’s fresh, it’s seasonal and it’s all good for you. This lasagne is such a bonus at €8.50.

The on-the-go focaccia 

The Asparagus and Rocket Focaccia is easily eaten on-the-go and is packed with fresh asparagus, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and a peppery dressing. It’s light, yet filling, crispy and fresh and it’s really a great lunchtime snack if you’re passing through the area on your lunch break.

An Italian style focaccia, filled with rocket, tomatoes, asparagus and dressing from Mint in Tower Road, Sliema

This towering asparagus and rocket foccacia packs in so much texture.

The focaccias change according to what’s fresh and available on the market, so even though you may not get the exact one we devoured during our visit, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised at the complexity of flavours Chef Luke whips up with his team. 

Mouth-watering sides

Wait, there’s more… the sides. You cannot ignore the gloriously fresh side salads that the Mint kitchen prepares on the daily; they’re exactly what a salad should be. They’re fresh, crisp and tossed with just the right amount of dressing - so far away from the bland salads many of us are used to ordering. 🥗

We tried a tart, crisp and strangely rich salad of feta, walnut, green apple and rocket with a seasoned vinaigrette as well as the cauliflower rice that carried a slight curry overtone. The cauliflower rice was stocked up with marrows which gave a good textural bite compared to the softer cauliflower. Topped with pecans and pomegranate for that earthy and fresh crunch and finished with fresh coriander for that needed brightness. 

Side salads served at Mint Sliema Tower Road, including cauliflower rice and a rich rocket salad with feta, walnuts, green apple topped with pecans and pomegranates

No trip to Mint is complete without a couple of side salads.

Sounds like a lot of food right? Well, it was, but… the day carried on as normal. No naps needed, no sluggishness once we were done and most importantly, I didn’t feel the need to hunt down some snacks a few hours later. I was satisfied. 

So here’s the scoop; if you’re hungry, want some comfort but don’t want to laze about for the rest of the day; Mint ticks every box. My next visit will definitely feature a large portion of their side salads and a main dish item that’s seasonal and nutritious. The only disappointment from the entire meal was my dessert… I left without taking a bite of my childhood craving; the classic Mint Banana Bread. 🤦‍♀️

But this doesn't mean you have to! Check out how to make Mint's wonderful Banana Bread below:

Is Mint on your lunch list?

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