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We Tried the Maypole Ftira and We Want to Tell You About It 🥪

We Tried the Maypole Ftira and We Want to Tell You About It 🥪

Maypole is one of Malta’s leading brands in the food industry and this summer, they’ve given us more reasons to fall in love with them. They’ve recently launched their very own Maltese ftira and we obviously had to try it out! This family-run business dates back to the 1900s and now has over 20 retail outlets all over the Maltese Islands, so your favourite ftira could be just a corner away. 😏

The day of the ftira

It was a hot Friday morning. We were in the midst of a heatwave. We headed over to the Maypole outlet in Sliema and picked up our freshly prepared ftira. We were already pleased when we were handed the bag. This is not your average small-sized ftira that is gone in a few bites. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 📸

Pepsi and a local ftira from Maypole

The Pepsi bottle looks like a tiny baby next to this ftira.

We found a nice spot by the sea and dug into the ftira while enjoying the view. 🏖️

Was it good?

Well, the final verdict is: DAMN. The ftira is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The folks at Maypole are not shy when it comes to the filling either. The taste was super fresh and just what we needed on a hot day. The fact that we had a free cold Pepsi to wash it down was awesome. 😍

Pepsi and a local ftira from Maypole

Look at that filling!

Will you be trying out the ftira deal from Maypole?

You should definitely try this. Here’s why… ⬇️

It’s a deal!

The free Pepsi was not just for us. If the ftira itself is already not enough, this beauty comes as a combo deal. So for just €2.75, you get this bomb of a ftira and a free Pepsi or 7UP! 🥤

The ftajjar are freshly made EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Regardless of what day it is, Maypole make fresh ftajjar everyday. They’re pioneers in bread-making in Malta, so you know that their ftira alone is going to be a hit. Combined with the famous Maltese-style tuna mix, this combo will make your mouth water. 🤤

It’s perfect for a beach day

Summer is almost over, so everyone will be making the most out of the remaining hot days now. Packing your food for a day at the beach may be a nuisance, especially when you’re packing for a group. But this affordable combo is available at all Maypole outlets around Malta and Gozo, so just make a short stop at one of their outlets on your way to the beach and you’re all set. 🤷

If you’re thinking, “I’m sure that they will run out until I get there”, you don’t need to worry. You can always pre-order from Maypole’s website to make sure that you’re all set. This combo deal is the perfect snack for any kind of day, not just the beach. If you’re at home or at the office and don’t feel like heading to your closest Maypole outlet, just open your WOLT or Bolt Food app and your ftira combo is just a few taps away. 💪

Have you tried Maypole’s ftira yet? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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