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Wake up and Smell the Bacon! 5 Spots for a Full English in Malta! 🥓

Wake up and Smell the Bacon! 5 Spots for a Full English in Malta! 🥓

We’ve all been there before; the sun peaking in from under the curtains and every church bell ringing in the distance echoing in your head as you re-enter the conscious realm. You’re hungover. All you need to do to fix this? A decent breakfast. Enter, stage left: the Full English. 🍳

With pretty much everything but the kitchen sink on one plate, you’ll find all you need to soak up last night’s regrets; be it the eggs, beans or bacon, you’ve got a friend in the Full English. That’s why we’re here to give you a rundown of just a few of the best spots in Malta to grab one: 

1. Busy Bee

We start with a classic, homegrown contender: Busy Bee. A pretty standard full English, it does what it should - fill you up for the day, leaving more time to get back to the hair of the dog that bit your ass the night before. 🐝

This plate comes with toast, instead of fried bread, which is fine - because fried bread is not the kinda thing you want to be eating with a tray of tequila still sitting in your belly. 🍞

2.  The Dubliner

This Irish pub in Spinola has the perfect full English for anyone looking for a quick and easy fix. 🇮🇪

Reasonably priced at €5.95, everything you need is included in the order: eggs, bacon, sausages... you might have to order a second one if you're as greedy as I can be, but that's okay. You deserve good food today, and always. 🏆

3. Crust Bistro

Chef Sean Gravina has been serving up some fine foods in the heart of St Julian's for a while now, so it's only natural you'd expect his conception of the full English to be spot on. 💚

What really hits it home for us with Crust is the homemade hashbrowns. There are far too many places in Malta offering a full English with only about 90% of the actual ingredients included. We'll forgive Sean for leaving the black pudding out of this one. 🙊

4. Black Gold Saloon 

If you are hungover, there’s no doubt you probably started your night last night at this place already. If not, then it most likely ended here, instead. 🤷

Either way, they’re open super early the next day so you can put things right with your poor liver as soon as the excess caffeine in every can of Red Bull you mixed with last night has woken you up. ☕

5. Debbie’s Cafe 

While this isn’t a “top five” in the literal sense, Debbie’s Cafe takes the top spot for the time being - simply because it puts in the most effort to stay true to the roots of the Full English. 😋

Yes, that is a black pudding and yes you are going to book a table for next weekend to finally cross a proper Full English off your foodie list. No questions asked. 🖤

Do you have any favourite spots for breakfast? Get in touch on social media and let us know! ✌️

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