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Tre Pale Spread on the Love with totes Delish Panini & Pasta! 🇮🇹

Tre Pale Spread on the Love with totes Delish Panini & Pasta! 🇮🇹

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you’ll know that we think The Plaza Shopping Complex is one of the top places in Malta for food cuisine variety, from Peruvian to Hawaiian, Indian to Japanese, there’s so much to choose from. But if you want to take a chomp out of the best Italian panino, or shovel the creamiest Carbonara into your gob, Tre Pale is the place to be! 🥖

It might be because we’re Maltese, but it might also be because we’re suckers for a good bite of authentic, wholesome and morale-boosting food; but we here at FoodBlog love Italian cuisine. From the land of pasta and panini, Tre Pale brings Malta’s food population the absolute best. Starting from their choice of ingredients, to the complexity of flavours summed up in each classic combo, there’s something super special about their variety and simplicity. 🤌

Sometimes a menu that hones in on their art, sticking to their guns and following through with a small menu, is the way to cut it. That’s what Tre Pale chose to do upon opening shop in The Plaza’s Food Court. Their focus, freshly baked and generously filled panini and 5 simple classic pasta dishes that are both delicious and totally Italian style - aka the proper way. 👌

Tre Pale is ideal for all those quality eats seekers who want to quick panino in their lunch break or an after-work mood booster plate of pasta - hey, it’s also a great stop when you’re wandering around Sliema and feeling that rumble in your stomach… or just need some comfort eating to bring a smile back to your face. Because we all know if good food can do one thing, it has the power to make us extremely happy! 😃

You can get your Tre Pale fix from Monday to Sunday for eat-in or takeaway options, and of course you can also get your favourite pasta dish delivered right to your door with WOLT or Bolt Food’s super convenient service. But just for good measure, make sure you get an extra panino, honestly, your first bite will be 100% worth it! 💯

But what to choose? The FoodBlog top pasta pick has to be their Carbonara, it’s rich, it’s creamy and it’s made the true Roman way feat. guanciale, egg yolk and Pecorino Romano. The All’Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino and the Pesto alla Genovese are pure classics that need no introduction and are prepared to absolute perfection every time! 🍝

As for the panini, there’s so much choice here foodies, you’ll want to grab a friend and go halfsies on a couple of panini to make the most out of your experience here… there’s no way you’ll be able to pass up on the exquisite choice. Our halfsies choice is definitely the Firenze and the Bologna. What can we say? They each provide a taste of Italian heaven layered between two freshly baked panini; the Firenze is stacked with porchetta, red onion, provola cheese and dried tomato capuliato while the Bologna overflows in yum-factor with mortadella, stracciata and pistachio cream. Their Napoli, Trentino and Calabria panini are also to die for; maybe you’ll need to get them all… 🎯

And if all this bundle of fab deliciousness wasn’t enough to satisfy your afternoon cravings, maybe a peek into the future will perk your ears up… next week, as every foodie should know, is Pasta Week. That’s right, a week where pasta dishes in all their carby and saucy glory are given the limelight for their godliness. And… Tre Pale will be celebrating in style with a special pasta dish dropping Monday to quickly tend to all your pasta withdrawals. 🥴

Will you try Tre Pale’s new pasta dish?

If you answered the above poll incorrectly, and thought that we wouldn’t go out of our way to hunt you down and force-feed you xeba carbs, you, my foodie friend, are mistaken. But if you really think that you’ll pass up on next week’s new pasta drop, maybe their menu extension will intrigue your tastebuds. 🤩

We heard a rumor that the Italian cuisine experts at Tre Pale will be showing off their props with their addition of Pizzas and Desserts… erm… YES. PLEASE. The only question is which toppings will they settle on… whatever they pick, we’re sure they’ll be top notch and ready to delight your senses. 🍕

So give your face a taste of pure Italian divinity, head on over to Tre Pale situated in The Plaza’s Food Court, and order your go-to feast. They’re open from 09:30; the perfect time to drop in and pre-order your lunch, sort out your dinner and kick off your day with the perfect espresso lungo made with the rich arabica aromas of Caffe Borbone - seriously, this place is totes Italian! ☕

Ready to add Tre Pale to your list? Snap your shots and tag on your Instagram foodie Stories! 📱

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