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T’is the Season for Trattoria Del Nonno! Check out their Festive Menu 🎄

T’is the Season for Trattoria Del Nonno! Check out their Festive Menu 🎄

A trip to Trattoria Del Nonno in St Paul’s Bay just feels like you’re going home. Home to the nostalgia of good family cooking and home to the happiness and friendliness that we were always welcomed with in our grannies’ homes. Trattoria Del Nonno is just that and more; with an elevated menu prepared by Nonno's grandkids & awesome kitchen team to get that feel good flavour and memory going! 💭

Trattoria Del Nonno always welcomes you with the aromas trickling into the trattoria from the wood burning oven where the restaurant’s famous pizzas and roasts are cooked to perfection. Dining at Trattoria Del Nonno means you’re about to experience a mouthwatering display of flavours where fresh garden ingredients are transformed into creative culinary twists on Italian and Mediterranean classics. 🍕

Food spread at Trattoria Del Nonno, St Paul's Bay

Are you even ready for this?

What’s the story behind Trattoria Del Nonno?

The idea behind Trattoria Del Nonno was brought about by the restaurant’s name sake, aka Nonno, who through his passion and interest in a culinary experience, gives diners exactly what they’re looking for. With a kitchen fuelled by an absolutely delicious menu prepared by a young kitchen team and brought about by restaurant management of Kane and Jake. 👌

Kane's Paccheri at Trattoria Del Nonno

Welcome to the home of Kane's Paccheri!

Booking a table in the dimly lit dining room or catching a table in the al fresco eating area is what a great evening out should be made of. 🍷

What’s the menu like at Trattoria Del Nonno?

The entire menu at Trattoria Del Nonno is entirely craving worthy; but there are a few classics that will never leave our memories. When food strikes memories, you know it’s damn good. Whether you’re heading to Del Nonno for a week booster made perfect courtesy of Mondays with Kane, or maybe you’re looking for a hump day buffer with Welly Wednesdays, we guarantee it’s always a good idea. 💡

Some of the best Trattoria Del Nonno dishes have to be Kane’s Paccheri and Lara’s Famous Pork Ribs. Find yourself a friend who goes halfsies, missing out on either of these is an inhumane act that should never be experienced, not even by your biggest nemesis. 😋

Kane’s Paccheri are pure heaven. From the gently toasted guanciale for the perfect bite, crunch and salt factor to the nutty flavours of the parmigiano and the newly added sprinkle of roasted Pistachio di Bronte. Pure heaven. It’s creamy, rich, soothing and moreish to say the least. ☁️

Kane's Paccheri at Trattoria Del Nonno

The old faithful. Never disapoints!

The house speciality is named so for a very defined reason. Lara’s Famous Pork Ribs are best known for their tender meat that falls off the bone after slow cooking in the kitchen’s wood oven for 4 hours. The juicy meat paired with the smoky flavour and sweet, sticky and succulent bite. If you’re craving a good old fashioned rib fest; order up your beers and prop yourself up at Trattoria Del Nonno. 🍖

It's Ducking Amazing at Trattoria Del Nonno, St Paul's Bay

This dish is actually ducking amazing!

Apart from these two classics, another crowd-pleaser is It’s Ducking Amazing - no that’s not a typo, that’s the name of the dish; this is a family restaurant after all. Served with potatoes cooked in duck fat, candied walnuts, orange gel and duck jus. And if you’re looking for another slow cooked favourite, the 48-Hour Slow Cooked Crispy Pork is also one for the Bucket List. With a burnt apple and parsnip puree, fried pork croquettes and pork jus - a roast dinner worthy of your Sunday best! And because it’s the Festive Season, you’ll be happy to know that foie gras also features on this trattoria-perfect menu. 🎅🏻

Crispy Pork Belly at Trattoria Del Nonno, St Paul's Bay

Crispy Pork Belly is always a good idea!

What about the Festive Menu at Trattoria Del Nonno?

Apart from the fact that these stunning dishes will find their way onto Trattoria’s Festive Menu, there are also a few special items that you simply need to dive right into. Make sure you get ready for a super food coma when you’re done here, choosing only one dish will be so hard to manage. ✌️

Why not change it up a little and try out the Truffle Arancini served with a parmesan fonduta, truffle mayo and fresh truffle shavings to start off your meal with the most delicate and robust of flavours encapsulated in a crunchy breadcrumb fried to perfection. 🍄

But if you want to take your Festive Meal to a whole new level, the Pan Seared Foie Gras will definitely do the trick! 🎅🏻

Foie Gras Special at Trattoria Del Nonno

Erm, hello! Let's have this on the menu every week please!

Or maybe take your tastebuds on a short voyage to France, where the Baked Camembert served with roasted grapes and duck fat baby potatoes or perhaps the French Onion Soup where a rich onion broth, heaps of gruyere and cheddar are lapped up with a traditional Hobz tal-Malti. 🧀

Missing out on the Paccheri won’t be so bad this visit, a perfectly char-grilled French Veal Rib-Eye Bone accompanied by an extra side of the luscious Truffle Mash or It’s Turkey Time could find their way into your belly real soon! The turkey ballotine is stuffed with an Alba truffle mousse alongside a creamy mash potato, heritage glazed carrots and mixed berries with a white truffle jus. 🦃

Turkey and Truffle Roll at Trattoria Del Nonno

Truffle and Turkey, sure why not!

But of course, no meal is complete without a touch of sweetness running rapidly across your tastebuds. And that’s great because the sweets at Trattoria Del Nonno are out of this world. Ending with the Creme Brulee or even the house made Tiramisu is just what you want to do. Trust.  😎

Booking your table at Trattoria?

End your meal with a trip to the newly added phenomenon that is the Whiskey and Spirits Section of the restaurant where a nice Christmas tipple can be enjoyed with your fellow Trattoria diners. Eat well, be merry and make sure to visit La Buona Trattoria Del Nonno this Christmas break! 🥃

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