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Summer salads: 10 places to grab a healthy bowl 🥗

Summer salads: 10 places to grab a healthy bowl 🥗

We know what you’re thinking… salads are boring and tasteless, and you’d simply rather eat anything else. But the truth is, a salad done right is a hearty, nutritious, and satisfying meal - which is what we’re gonna prove to you with these super tasty salad spots. Read on to see just what we’re talking about. 👉


J’Oli is always a fun pick when it comes to salads because you’re always spoilt for choice; whether you’re ordering from their extensive and flavourful menu, or if you’re getting creative and make your own from their counter of fresh ingredients. We love this place for their super big portions and ample selection, so head over to their new and improved Msida University outlet for a super tasty bowl (they’re also in Sliema and Valletta). 👌

The Oven 

The Oven’s menu has some seriously creative salads with several different vibes and proteins to choose from, as well as ample volume and a variety of ingredients. You wouldn’t normally expect this from a pizza place, but we’re glad to see that they’re willing to cater to everyone - this is the spot to go for when you’ve got to order for a crowd with varied tastes. ✅

Blend it 

At Blend It you can create your customised salad with 5 ingredients, nuts and a dressing. This juice and salad cafe has some super banging choices: you can get yourself a customised salad paired with a smoothie of choice and live it up your way 100% of the time. If that ain’t your thing, there's an ample choice of juices, green juices and protein shakes to wash down your meal. 😎


This quaint cafe on Merchant street is serving up super healthy salads. At No.43, you’re definitely spoilt for choice with their abundant menu - plus they cater to any dietary requirement as well as have lots of vegan options. We’re not sure what else needs to be said; this defo should be your next lunch stop while in the capital. 🤷


Salads in a jar are somehow 10x more interesting than salads in a bowl. It’s also the perfect way to make sure your ingredients and dressing are perfectly distributed, plus it's super easy to carry around and eat on the go. This is why Jar at the Tigne Point has always been a hit, harbouring a super creative salad counter concept that we’re definitely big fans of! 🤩

La Baguette 

When this place opened its doors it instantly became one of our go-to lunch spots - their fresh baguettes are immaculate (as the name implies). However, La Baguette isn’t a one trick pony - they’ve also got super tasty wraps and a killer game with their salad bar, which you should opt for if you’re looking for a quick customisable lunch on-the-go. 🏃


We've all been there, you know... that calories don't count on holiday, and Gozo is pretty much like a holiday when you treat it right. But heading up to our sister island doesn't mean you've got to throw all your plans out the window; Mojo's in Rabat, Victoria is known for their pizzotto wonders and a whole selection of dishes, but their salads rank supreme too! Give them a try the next time you're in the area! 🥒


Our excuse for not eating healthy is often that we don’t have time to prepare food so we’re constantly eating out, but you won’t need that excuse anymore thanks to Dobbin’s. The next time you’re stumped on what to order for your work lunch break, consider ordering one of their 15+ salads (all under €5.50) that you can even get delivered straight to your door if you’re ordering for a group of people. 😮

Salad box 

If you want a salad that’s creative, tasty, and super satisfying, look no further than the Salad Box. Go for their seasonal plates if you want something extra hearty, pick from their salad box menu if you’re on lunch hour rush, or take the time to create your own box with their salad bar. You can even make your own yoghurt parfait cup for dessert. The options are endless! 🍦

Make it yourself!

At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like a meal you make yourself. Getting into the habit of preparing healthy food at home is always good practice, and practice is all it comes down to in the end. Prep your salads beforehand so you have something you can take to work for lunch the next day, or make it fresh and enjoy at home - it’s the perfect light meal for these hot summer days. ☀️

Do you prefer making your salads or buying them?

We think salads are pretty underrated - what about you? Let us know in the comments below. ⬇️

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