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Sofas ✅ Nibbles ✅ Cocktails ✅ Views ✅ sounds like Café del Mar! ☀️

Sofas ✅ Nibbles ✅ Cocktails ✅ Views ✅ sounds like Café del Mar! ☀️

When the hot summer starts getting the better of you, all you need is a cool spot to chill, unwind and forget about all the burdens of the week; even if it’s as early as a Monday. When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough, right? Well, it kind of depends on who you’re talking to; if you’re chatting with the Café del Mar goers, you know the ones sliving for the yum margs and fab nibbles available off the menu, no weekday ever needs to be boring again! 💃

Café del Mar is all about the good vibes with the chill House tunes humming through your brain out of the poolside speakers, the transporting views of endless sea and the supremely spectacular sofa lounging area, to take your zen factor to an absolute 100%! 🧘

Anyone who calls Café del Mar their home is entirely familiar with the vibes unleashed at a Del Mar party - but since the curse of the Corona has dampened our summer fun, the creative chaps at CDM are putting some extra effort into the vibe-bringing of a regular cocktail and sushi fuelled pool day. 🍹

The truth though, is that, all you really need to enjoy your time at Café del Mar is a positive mindset and a spot of tanning oil to make the most out of your day. Here’s the perfect plan, of what we think would up your CDM game:

Make it an early start

Get your crew in order and head to the beach resort where dreams are made bright and early. Doors open at 10:00 so you can easily avoid the traffic and get your well deserved beauty sleep. Book yourselves a sunbed right on the pool’s edge, and leave your FitBit at home, it’s a mosey into the pool kinda-day - no effort necessary. 👙

Oh, and if you were wondering what to do with that extra 1 day of leave, make the most of the summer heat and cash it in for a Del Mar Day. You can even use your Government Vouchers and make it an even grander day with your baes. 🎟️

Have you been to CDM with your crew yet?

Kick it into gear as early as possible

What’s a beach bar day without an early afternoon buzz? If you’re all settled in at your loungers by 10:30-ish, an 11 o’clock cocktail is pretty much your lunch pre-drink, and with daylight saving time up for debate this year, it makes sense to get as much morning booze-ing in as possible, right? (We’re not sure that makes much sense, but we advise you not to argue it). 🍸

Order a pitcher of the Watermelon Punch to make sure you get all those electrolytes in. The sun’s going to take its toll on you after all. Plus the vodka and dry white wine combo will keep your vibe going, ‘cos it’s all about the vibe. 🍉

FoodBlog Tip: Add a fruit salad to your breakfast to make your pitcher order seem less thirsty.

Light light it… to keep things level

When the light pool waves deserve a break, and your sun kissed lips fancy a teeny bit more than a liquid lunch, get your hands on the super tasty menu and order up. There’s something for every appetite, dietary requirement or down-right craving! 😋

Keep it light with a Salmon Ceviche and pair it with a classic Cosmopolitan to amp up the ceviche’s sweetness found in the tomato and wakame salad. Amp up the umami flavs with a serving of the Grilled Tamari Tofu, possibly paired with a Mango Caipirinha to boost that exotic profile and get yourself ready for the main course. 🥗

FoodBlog Favs: Grilled Peaches and Burrata Salad, Carnaroli Risotto and Char Grilled Tuna.  

Sunbed basking: Round 2

After you’ve gone through your delicious selection of food, and the pitcher-sized drinkie-poos, it’s time to lie, idle in your sunbed and enjoy the heat of the day as you stare into the deep blue sea views ahead. 🌊

Watch the day go by, order another drink if you’re feeling cheeky and take a dip in the pool when the rays beam down too strongly. It’s always your day at Café del Mar, so make sure you live it up! 🥥

Your last pool dip should definitely be a golden hour moment! Get yourself into the pool for your last swim of the night while the sun sets over St Paul’s island, the beat of the bass drum echoing in your ear and the evening breeze giving you pure, unfiltered vibez. 🌅

Sushi on the sofas

It won’t be a CDM day if you don’t retreat to the sofas at some point in the evening. Make sure you book out your spots, maybe for a few more of your clan for a few final drinks and of course, an obscene amount of sushi! 🍣

There’s no reason justifiable to hit Café del Mar and not get your sushi cravings sorted. Probably one of the best sushi spots on the island, our selection here covers the entire menu, but there are a few bites we just can’t live without! 🤤

FoodBlog Favs: Spicy Tuna Hosomaki, Wild Roll, the classic CDM, Spicy Green Tempura and the Tuna Avocado Uramaki plus the Prawn and Eel Nigiri and both the Salmon and Tuna Sashimi. 🐟

Pair this all with a few Sparkling Cocktails like the Ruby Red Sunset or Pink Berry Spritz and a selection of Gyozas, Tempura, Rice Paper Rolls and Edamame Beans to soak up the day’s bevvys. 🥟

If this doesn’t sound like the best summer day in Malta possible, we’re not quite sure if we can give you a better option. This, to the FoodBlog Team, sounds like a day of bliss. Not only do you have an absolute dream location, but there’s quality cocktails and a whole lot of delish food to keep you feeling cute! 💁‍♀️

Plus, with all those pitchers, you’re probably going to have to call in sick for work the next day, so super win-win. Right? 😜

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