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Public Holiday With A Twist: 6 restaurants in Malta you need to try 😍

Public Holiday With A Twist: 6 restaurants in Malta you need to try 😍

I’m always excited for a public holiday in Malta when it occurs on a weekday. It’s just another excuse for me to try out a new restaurant from my neverending list! 🤫

We have quite a choice of restaurants in Malta. You’ve got your regular restaurants, with pasta, burgers, pizza, and so on, and then you’ve got restaurants that have a unique twist to them which makes them unforgettable. 🤩

If you want to go for something different this public holiday, here’s a list of places you should not miss out on:

Manila Republic

Ever tried Filipino cuisine? Manila Republic is probably the best place for that. They’ve got a whole list of delicious Filipino dishes that are bursting with flavour, waiting for you to try them out! You can find Manila Republic at The Plaza Food Hall. 😋


This one’s a relatively new place in Malta. The main focus of LOA is South American cuisine, mostly Nuevo Latino cuisine, which is a fusion of traditional Latin dishes and modern flavours. You’ll find some seriously unique dishes here, and you can wash it all down with a cocktail in a great vibe! 🍹

Blue House

Open in Birgu since December 2021, Blue House is an overall experience that you will never forget. The restaurant itself is in an old house that still has its original characteristics; a gorgeous courtyard, beautiful rooms, and the traditional Maltese tiles. The food is exceptional and the service will make you feel like you’re meeting a long-time friend. 👌

Are you eating at a restaurant or cooking at home this public holiday?


A Japanese-inspired Mediterranean restaurant, Marea serves some lovely dishes right at the Kalkara waterfront. Who can say no to gorgeous views, a fun vibe, great cocktails and delicious food? 🤤


I don’t think you’ll ever find a place that looks or serves food that is even remotely close to that at Barbajean. Their most famous dish is probably the iconic Maltese Sausage Scotch Egg, which is superb. Their menu changes every season, giving you a reason to go there at least four times a year! 😍

The Black Egg

Think brunch, but make it exceptional. And that’s not all. The Black Egg also have some amazing lunch items in their brunch menu as well as an incredible dinner menu. If you haven’t visited this place yet, this is your sign to book a table. 😏

Where will you be heading off to this public holiday? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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