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Plant-based menu items you should definitely try in Malta! 🌱💚

Plant-based menu items you should definitely try in Malta! 🌱💚

If you’re following a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet, it does not have to be difficult to find something delicious to eat in Malta. There has been an enormous improvement in the last few years when it comes to plant-based dishes - there’s more awareness about the topic and more effort from restaurants to cater to individuals who follow this diet. 👌

If you’re looking for some dishes you want to try out, check out these delicious ones from restaurants in Malta! 👇

Beyond Pizza - Bohini

This incredibly delicious pizza from Bohini is topped with tomato salsa, vegan mozzarella, tomato chilli jam, caramelised onions, bell peppers, and Beyond minced “meat”. 😍

Vegan BBQ “Pulled Pork” Melt - Dr Juice

The “pulled pork” in this melt is pulled jackfruit, which is actually a yummy and healthier alternative to meat. This melt from Dr Juice also includes bbq sauce, vegan cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and fresh coriander. 😋

This wrap is found at most of their outlets, but our favourite is the one at The Plaza - you always need something to fuel you up after doing some shopping! 🛍️

Beetroot Burger - Becky’s Kitchen

I hate it when eateries go for a veggie burger that is prepacked and frozen - it shows a lack of creativity and effort. The Beetroot Burger from Becky’s Kitchen is nothing like that! It’s made with a gorgeous homemade beetroot patty, fresh onions, fresh spinach, and homemade hummus. YUM! 🍔

Do you follow a plant-based diet?

Tofu Udon Noodle Bowl - Emma’s Kitchen

I’m a sucker for udon noodles, and when they’re done this good, how can I say no? Tofu, soy-mirin sauce, crispy onions, spring onions, sesame seeds, and a fried egg (which you can remove if you want a completely vegan dish) - perfect combo from Emma’s Kitchen! 🤤

Beyond Meat Burger - Bongo Nyah

This might be a controversial opinion, but lately, I’ve been loving plant-based “meat” burgers more than the regular beef ones! Maybe because I’ve tried this one from Bongo Nyah - simple, but incredibly delicious. ✌️

Vegetaball Sub - The Meatball Guys

This stunning sub from The Meatball Guys includes homemade avocado balls, mozzarella di bufala, pistachio di Bronte cream, and a mix of stir-fried potatoes and peppers. What a combo! 🥑

Do you have any other plant-based favourites? Let us know in the comments! We would love to give them a try. 🤩

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