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Michelin Malta Pt 1: A Brief Look at Malta’s 31 Michelin Restaurants 🌟

Michelin Malta Pt 1: A Brief Look at Malta’s 31 Michelin Restaurants 🌟

In April, more Maltese restaurants were added to the Michelin Guide, bringing the total restaurants mentioned in this prestigious ranking up to 31. 2 new restaurants were awarded the Michelin Star: Bahia and ION - the Harbour; which means that our tiny little archipelago now has five Michelin Starred restaurants - something each and every one of us in the foodie scene should definitely be proud of. 🇲🇹

Let’s take a look at all the restaurants currently mentioned on the Michelin Guide, what they were awarded, and why they totally deserve it:

Michelin Star

“High quality cooking, worth a stop!”

The Michelin star is the paramount indication of restaurant food quality, awarded only to those who show culinary excellence in taste, ingredients, and technique. Restaurants can earn up to 3 Michelin stars, but earning just one is an honor that most restaurant owners can only dream of. 


Chef Jonathan Brincat is the mastermind behind this elegant location on Republic Street. Noni offers an à la carte as well as a 6 course tasting menu with which you may delve into the world of fine dining; however it does so “without too much fuss and frill”. The cuisine is altogether locally inspired, and whatever you decide to order, prices are set by number of courses in such a way that this dining experience is not only incredible but also very worth it. 💰

Under Grain 

Another fine dining location in the capital, Under Grain will take your palate on a trip out of this world with their contemporary twist on classic French cuisine. Take your pick from their classic fine dining à la carte with exquisite meat and seafood dishes, or opt for their creative tasting menu and optional wine pairing (in our opinion, totally not optional) if you’re willing to delve into a world of flavour. Oh, and make sure you stick around for dessert, because it alone is worthy of a Michelin Star too! 🤤

ION - The Harbour 

ION - The Harbour is a rooftop restaurant in Valletta with unparalleled views of the Grand Harbour, serving up visually stunning dishes that might as well be works of art. Very recently, this spot was host to a 100 day residency by renowned 2-Michelin Star chef Alex Dilling. Giving a total feel of luxury from the ambience to the plate, this location checks every box - and who wouldn’t enjoy a night of fine dining by the sea? 😏

De Mondion 

Presenting you with a truly refined dining experience at the Xara Palace, with views upon views from hilltop Mdina. It seems like a dream to be able to take a seat on the timeless bastions of the old city, and enjoy a meal of the highest standard paired with a wine list worthy of envy; but at De Mondion all this and more is made reality. 🍷


Having opened its doors in Luqa just 5 years ago, receiving such an honour as the Michelin Star in such a short time period is truly a feat like no other. This soon-to-move location plays with local ingredients and gives them a contemporary outlook, with an innovative menu inspired by periods of Maltese history. To get the most out of this experience, they offer a 7-course tasting menu, as well as a vegan one; which to us truly proves the point that Bahia is innovative, resourceful, and in a league of its own - in other words, Michelin worthy. 👌

Bib Gourmand 

“Good quality, good value cooking”

The Michelin Bib Gourmand is similar to the Michelin Plate, however with an emphasis on reasonable pricing. Therefore, to be listed under this accolade, restaurants must serve excellent food whilst also having prices come up to a certain amount in reaction to the country’s cost of living. 💶


Last year, this beloved Marsaxlokk restaurant moved to a new location on the Birgu Waterfront; and this year, they’ve earned the Michelin Bib Gourmand yet again. Same award, new plaque to put up on the fresh walls! We all love a good out with the old and in with the new, but what’s never changed at Terrone is their passion for fresh local seafood and their mastery of it on the dinner plate. If you’re looking for an ode to the Mediterranean seas, we would recommend their incredible seafood tasting menu. 🐟


The Diacono family took over this place a while back, and it’s been looking up ever since with its largely Sicilian-Maltese inspired menu that changes daily but is sure to always have something for everyone. Their dishes are a manifestation of elevated simplicity, with fresh and local ingredients being the star of visually attractive, yet comforting, feel-like-home dishes. There is nothing so extraordinary about Rubino; but it is the fact that they excel in a seemingly effortless way that proves they are worthy of their spot on the Michelin Guide. 👏


This restaurant is located in a 300-year old building, giving it loads of character and charm to go along with their ultra-creative and artistically devised menu. Commando Restaurant in Mellieha is a true oldie but goldie, and they are one of the few lavish restaurants to offer a brunch menu as well as a delivery menu, devised during the pandemic. The desserts here are out of this world, too, so make sure to stand your ground with your stomach no matter how many courses you go through! 🍩

We hope you’re enjoying our look into Malta’s Michelin restaurants. Come back next time when we take a look at those awarded the Michelin Plate - all 23, to be exact. 👋

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