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Get your sushi kick with Wasabi’s selection available at The Plaza 🍣

Get your sushi kick with Wasabi’s selection available at The Plaza 🍣

As Summer is behind us and the rain well & truly among us, you may be craving some summer food more than ever this month! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ordering a sushi platter on the rainiest of days! Wasabi’s super sushi selection available at The Plaza in Sliema is a great choice for any time of year! 

There’s something about a good sushi platter that instantly brings a smile to your face. Whether it’s the umami flavors of the pressed nori sheets, the sweet sushi rice seasoned with rice vinegar and maybe a drop or two of mirin, or even the fresh and uber satisfying fish selection rolled inside your maki rolls, sushi always seems to be a winner. At Wasabi, the choices are pretty vast and can easily be enjoyed for dine in or take away options 🍱depending on what your day calls for.

Sushi from Wasabi at the Plaza Sliema

Sushi for days - sounds like the perfect way to end the summer!

Named after the hot mustard or horseradish flavoured paste, wasabi is synonymous with good sushi - if you can handle the instant kick that it. Wasabi, in its natural form, is a rhizome that grows out of a plant much like a potato and other tubulars or root vegetables. It is most commonly used in Japanese cuisine as a condiment that packs in flavour to each bite-sized piece of sushi that blissfully enters your mouth. The Plaza outlet, Wasabi, is all about little bites of flavour, so with a name that’s rather fitting, let’s take a look at the menu and set you off on your next sushi journey, the FoodBlog way. 🔥

Kick off your sushi adventure with a selection of nigiri; we always opt for the Sweet Prawn Nigiri and Salmon Nigiri - they’ll always be high up on our list, and only challenged by the Unagi Nigiri that is always served with an eel sauce just to finish off the bite with the sweetest of touches. 🍣

Sushi from Wasabi at the Plaza Sliema

If nigiri is not your thing, we urge you to try it at Wasabi. It’s hella good!

Nigiri means “two fingers” and as the name implies, is a small bite that is generally picked up, fingers at the ready, and chomped on in one mouthful. Nigiri features an elegant drape of thinly sliced fresh fish that sits atop a small rolled ball of seasoned rice. It’s simple, it’s straightforward and it’s pretty darn delicious if you’re ordering up at Wasabi Sushi in Sliema. ✌️

With their 15 years of experience in the sushi-making-biz, these guys have a real knack for the rolls, and while we fully appreciate the precision and intricacy of a maki roll, we’d much rather feast our eyes on the cute (and fairly larger) inside out rolls that they serve up at Wasabi Express. 👩‍🍳

Sushi from Wasabi at the Plaza Sliema

Isn’t Salmon Avocado the absolute best sushi bite?

From the classic Spicy Tuna Uramaki to the strange, yet moreish Hollywood Uramaki, Wasabi has it all. We always opt for the Salmon Avocado Uramaki with a delicate combination of Philadelphia cream cheese, fresh raw salmon, creamy avocado and green masago; we also take a dive into the easily demolished California Uramaki where surumi crab sticks, avocado and orange masago come together for the perfect bite. 🥑

Sushi from Wasabi at the Plaza Sliema

Who are we kidding, we’ll take the Salmon Hosomaki anyday too!

But before we get ahead of ourselves and hand over the title of best sushi combo on the planet, we cannot forget to mention Wasabi’s Fiery Prawn, a combination of Japan’s two best home classics and thankfully for our taste buds; exports too. Think of the crispiest tempura prawn, you know the ones you can eat about 87,097,901,341 of without getting bored? Get in touch with an expert sushi master, ask them to prepare a pot full of sweet sushi rice, lay out the nori sheets and get to rolling! Tempura Prawn rolls are beyond words. They’re absolute nom and nobody on this planet should be deprived of them - and the ones at Wasabi can sort out your cravings in no time; even through WOLT if this wee blog got you in the mood! 🚴‍♂️

Sushi from Wasabi at the Plaza Sliema

There they are, can you see them? Waiting for a pair of chopsticks to end them!

While you’re on WOLT, getting yourself in the tapping groove, order up a few snacks for laters, you can easily grab yourself a few hot dishes like the Chicken Yaki Soba or the Crispy Beef with Sweet Chilli Sauce! Whilst you pick up your dinner, check out Wasabbi's awesome selection of Asian Snacks & grab yourself a bag of Oishi Prawn Crackers (our faves) for a nibble while you kick up your feet and binge on whatever good series Netflix is throwing your way! 📺

snacks at wasabi the plaza in sliema

Shrimp Flavoured Crackers are always worth the extra calories! Trust. We know!

So whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or a new foodie, finally entering the dragon’s den of Japan’s culinary excellence, give Wasabi at The Plaza a shout, you’ll be happily delighted whether it’s an eat-in experience or a takeout feast! 🥡

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