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FoodBlog’s Favs: 5 Menu Items You Should Try from La Cuccagna 😋

FoodBlog’s Favs: 5 Menu Items You Should Try from La Cuccagna 😋

If you want to head off to dinner at a location boasting full-on trattoria vibes that make you feel at home (but with better food), then you need to head down to La Cuccagna. This gorgeous restaurant is located in Amery Street, Sliema, and even as you’re standing outside, about to go in, you immediately feel welcome. 🥰

Apart from having a gorgeous interior and great service, La Cuccagna offers dishes that are truly the Italian (and sometimes even Maltese) bomb. Their menu is vast and stays true to its nature, and while everything in there seems delicious, here are 5 items that you should definitely try: ✌️

Fettuccine with Pesto di Trapani

If you’re a pesto fanatic, you just have to get this dish. I mean, talk about #PestoGoals. These lovely fettuccine are drenched with an almond pesto that is creamy and delicious. The dish is served with some diced tomatoes for a pop of flavour and topped with parmigiano shavings for that extra salty kick. Mamma mia! 👌

Traditional Fresh Local Rabbit

Since this trattoria is a mix of Italian and Maltese, the folks at La Cuccagna make sure to serve Malta’s national dish: rabbit. You can either have it cooked in onions, garlic, parsley, beer and white wine, or get the super traditional stuffat tal-fenek; rabbit cooked in a hearty tomato sauce stew with potatoes and peas. 😍

1kg Ribeye

This one’s for the serious meat lovers. This beautiful ribeye steak (an entire kilo of it) is cooked to your liking and served with a side of chips and salad. It is juicy, tender and mouth-watering. Whether you want to have it on your own (we won’t judge!) or share it with someone else, the ribeye is a must-have. 😋

Cuccagna Supreme Burger

The Cuccagna Supreme Burger is the only burger on the menu and that’s because there’s no need for any others. The beef patty is made in-house and it’s super juicy. Topped with mozzarella, bacon, caramelised onions, a sunny-side up egg, lettuce and tomatoes, and enclosed in a gorgeous brioche bun, this bad boy will definitely make your heart happy. 🍔

The Carbonara Duo: Pizza & Pasta Carbonara

Just looking at this pizza is super satisfying. But seriously, grab a slice. The carbonara pizza is a unique concept that puts the lusciousness of a carbonara onto a soft, yet crunchy pizza dough in the shape of a boat. The ingredients are the real deal: pecorino, parmesan, guanciale, a runny egg, and just a hint of mozzarella and parsley for extra flavor. 🤤

As for the Pasta, La Cuccagna give the classic Carbonara a new unique look serving the iconic Italian dish with a whole egg yolk sitting in the middle of the dish, surrounded by crispy guanciale & pecorino cheese ready to be mixed together & devoured. 👌

Bonus: Keto Selection & Gluten-Free Pizza!

How many restaurants in Malta do you know that offer an entire selection for people following a keto diet? I, myself, can count them on one hand. Well, if you’re following a keto diet, La Cuccagna has you sorted. They’ve got pizza bases, bread, almond cake, chocolate cookies, and even a brownie with hazelnuts! 🤩

Oh, and before we forget to mention - they also serve one of the most scrumptious Gluten Free bases on the island which you can transform any pizza off their menu into. 🌾

Hungry yet? These are just our favourites! The menu at La Cuccagna includes a wide variety of delicious items, so go and check them out for yourself! We’re pretty sure you’ll love it too. Check out our full review of this beautiful trattoria here. 👈

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