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Discover the Dinner Menu of Wonders at The Black Egg: it’s Bomb! 💣

Discover the Dinner Menu of Wonders at The Black Egg: it’s Bomb! 💣

Simply looking at The Black Egg Dinner Menu takes a true foodie to paradise. For a palette that’s well versed in the complexities of bold flavour, the importance of texture and value of versatility in choice; this menu is flawless. 💅

The Black Egg dishes.

Get ready, this is going to be one tasty read!

When I first came across The Black Egg menu and slowly began to read past the first selection of Starters, my heart immediately skipped a beat upon reading that they serve Gillardeau Oysters with lemon and a classic mignonette followed by Beef Tartare with fermented chilli, smoked mayo and a linseed cracker. At this point I already knew I wanted to book a table. ☎️

Other Starters on the Dinner Menu also include Calamari Fritti, In-House Salmon Gravlax and Pork Croquette, another crowd-pleasing trio that The Black Egg brings to the table. These three items are undoubtedly some of the most popular starters in Malta, with foodies rushing to order their favourites to kick off a meal the right way. 👏

Pork Croquette at The Black Egg, Ta' Xbiex.

Pork and Potato Croquettes - what a way to start a meal!

My personal choice here would be the oysters and the tartare - if these dishes are on a menu I’ll always have them and The Black Egg does a mighty fine rendition. 🏆

If you’re preparing your bellies, and hearty appetites, for an evening of delicious food do not, I repeat, do not miss out on the Pasta course. A choice of Pappardelle Red Prawn, Beef Shin Gnocchi and Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto is not really a choice when you find it so hard to pick only one! The true FoodBlog way of trying a menu is to gather your best foodie friends at a table of 6 and try each and every item on the menu. 😉

Pappardelle Red Prawn at The Black Egg, Ta' Xbiex.

Red Prawn and Pasta are a match made in heaven - always a winner!

This way you get to dive into all the delectable dishes that you’re eyeing, try something new that your friends wanted in their order and for all of you worrying that you won’t get enough to munch on, trust… you will. That’s a FoodBlog guarantee! ✅

This is the step in the menu where I start to get a little anxious, worrying that I won’t find a main that fully translates what I want. But The Black Egg Dinner Menu is fluent in so many foodie focus points. My 100%, no questions asked order at The Black Egg will definitely feature the Oyster Mushroom Tempura with a side of Guanciale Asparagus and maybe even the Truffle Fries served with homemade truffle hollandaise. This is home-run central in my books. 🙏🏻

I love a menu that incorporates side dishes as an optional addition. Whenever I pick a main dish, it’s not only the actual protein or star of the dish that captures my eye - I always look at the sides that come with the meal; they always seem to pique my interest that little bit further! 🤔

The mushroom tempura comes with smoked pepper and bok choi; and that’s already perfect for me. But pairing it up with a choice of fresh asparagus and that salty guanciale bite and some earthy truffle fries… paradise, no? 👍

The rest of the Mains are equally captivating, with a selection that I totally believe will fit everyone’s desires. Choose from (read: order all and share) the Braised Pork Cheek with a potato puree, spinach and artichokes - my intuition says that the Truffle Mac & Cheese side will work beautifully with this dish. 🤤

Braised Pork Cheeks at The Black Egg, Ta' Xbiex.

Pork Cheeks and Potato Puree - any, bloody, day!

There’s also the Beef Rib Eye with broccoli, turnips and thyme jus which will be taken up to stellar level by simply choosing the New Potatoes as a side. Another definite crowd favourite; the Lamb Rump where baba ganoush, leek and fermented celeriac will explode your taste buds, especially with the addition of the Broccolini that feature lemon zest and feta - a well-rounded Middle Eastern melting pot of flavours. 💖

Lamb Rump at The Black Egg, Ta' Xbiex.

Erm... is that perfection or what?

And for the fish seekers, a Seared Seabass with zucchini, brassicas and bok choi that I think will pair really nicely with the Rosemary Fries, because for most of y’all a main dish ain’t complete without some taters on your plate! 😂

Reading through this, you must see the versatility and attention to detail, crossing every culinary expectation off the list as you progress through the menu. And this, foodie friends, is just the savoury selection. There are, in fact, a bunch of desserts - right here on this very Dinner Menu - that will take you over the edge, right into a food coma and a happy happy ‘best meal ever’ dance! Let’s take a look at the desserts on this mind-blowing menu. ⚡

First up, the… wait for it… Gianduja Chocolate Tart which delivers Christmas on a plate with the wonderful pairings of orange and chocolate. The orange and gianduja namelake is rich and aromatic and pairs wonderfully with the feuillantine crumble and additional hazelnut crunch. 🤯

The list just keeps getting better with a Pear & Cinnamon Brioche that comes with a ruby port poached pear and vanilla chantilly. Now… I want it now! And the piece de resistance, the White Chocolate Cookie Dough served with black ice-cream for a colour counterbalance that speaks true to The Black Egg identity. 👌

Selection of food at The Black Egg.

Treat yourself to this wonder! You won't regret it!

It’s not very often that I come across a menu that brings me this much joy from first glance. And of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so get those tables booked, The Black Egg Dinner Menu is one to treat yourself to this Christmas season. 🎄

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