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Craving Maltese Cuisine? Head Over to Nenu’s! 🤤🇲🇹

Craving Maltese Cuisine? Head Over to Nenu’s! 🤤🇲🇹

Whether you’re a local who’s craving dishes from your childhood, whether you’re in Malta for a holiday and you want to try out the local cuisine, or whether you’ve been living abroad and you came back for the food (we don’t blame you), Nenu the Artisan Baker is the perfect spot for you. This place might just be one of our favourites on the island, so let’s go through some of our favourite dishes from Nenu’s! ✌️

Gbejniet friski shan bil-basal ikkaramellizzat

...or warm cheeselets with caramelized onions. Gbejniet friski are the BEST kind of cheese in the world. Don’t mess with me on this one. And when they’re warm and slightly melted, they taste even better. This dish from Nenu gives you that comforting feeling from eating a warm, fresh gbejna, a bit of sweetness from the caramelised onions, as well as delicious sundried tomatoes, tomato jam, broad beans and artichoke hearts. 😋

Ftira Ta’ Nenu

The traditional Maltese ftajjar at Nenu’s are not the ftira biz-zejt kind of ftajjar. They’re a pizza-style dish that is made from traditional Maltese bread dough, giving you that crunchy, yet fresh bite. The Ftira Ta’ Nenu is beautifully topped with sundried tomatoes, onions, capers, black olives, Maltese sausage, grated peppered cheeselets (gbejniet tal-bzar), and seasoned with fresh thyme and sesame seeds. 🍕

Ravjul tal-Fenek

The rabbit ravioli is a favourite here. Eating rabbit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these rabbit ravioli from Nenu The Artisan Baker are just bomb. If you love rabbit, you also NEED to try the traditional spaghetti rabbit and their fried rabbit with rabbit jus. 🤤

Bragoli tac-canga

I don’t know if it’s just me, but bragoli just scream Maltese to me. I know that they exist in other countries, but the way the Maltese make bragoli just hits different. The ones at Nenu the Artisan Baker are nothing less, obviously. This dish transports you back to your childhood days and fills you up with nostalgia. 😍

Trifle tal-frott

This hits close to home because it was my grandpa’s all-time favourite dessert and he would definitely approve of Nenu’s trifle! The dessert menu at Nenu the Artisan Baker is also quite vast (and very Maltese), including imqaret, sfineg, and even Maltese ice-cream. 🍨

The history behind the baker himself

The name of the restaurant is not just any name. ‘Nenu’ is actually the nickname of a beloved Maltese baker, Carmel Debono, who always had a passion for Maltese food and wanted to share his passion with the rest of the country. The cooking style offered by Nenu The Artisan Baker is similar to what was done back in the day, when people took the food that they prepared at home to be baked in a traditional Maltese oven. This means that the flavour of the food at Nenu’s is truly authentic! 👌

Nenu the Artisan Baker can be found in two main locations in Malta now: Valletta and Mgarr. They serve some of the best local dishes on the island as well as local soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Although they are on both WOLT and Bolt Food, this awesome restaurant is now available for dining in once again! Isn’t that fantastic? 🤩

We’re not the only ones who love Nenu, so we recommend that you book your table in advance. You can get in touch with the restaurant manager himself, Mr Ian Gatt on [email protected], or book through their website. Just make sure to share your Nenu experience with us once you drop by! 😏

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