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Calling all foodies! Here are the top dishes to try at SkyParks 🤩

Calling all foodies! Here are the top dishes to try at SkyParks 🤩

If you're looking for a fun location (with food, obviously - there's no fun without food!), then you need to head over to SkyParks. You can take care of some of your errands - go to the gym, get your hair done, go to the bank, get a facial - but you can also have a great (and delicious) time here. It's a walking distance from the Malta International Airport, but if you're not travelling just yet, you can take your taste buds on a culinary journey instead. ✈️

You’ve got Talbot & Bons for your classic Mediterranean / American cuisine, Wagamama for some killer Asian food, Zen Sushi to Go for your favourite sushi pieces, and even Vecchia Napoli for a stunning Italian feast. Foodie heaven, am I right? If you’re heading to SkyParks on an empty stomach anytime soon, check out some of our fave dishes you need to try! And if you’re not planning to go there, count these as reasons why you should visit the place. 😏

The Deep Fried Cheeselets from Talbot & Bons

This one's for all the gbejna fans out there. The crunchy exterior of the deep fried gbejna combined with the soft, cheesy goodness on the inside is something extraordinary. Talbot & Bons also combine theirs with almond shavings, a drizzle of honey and grissini, all of which are placed on a bed of salad leaves. Refreshing, comforting and insta-worthy! 😍

The Hot Katsu Chicken Curry from Wagamama

If you're down to spice things up a little, Wagamama is the place to be. Their signature Hot Katsu Chicken Curry has to be one of our favourite dishes, but we cannot decide what we love most about it, whether it's the crispy chicken in panko breadcrumbs, the delicious sticky rice, or the spicy curry sauce which never fails to get our tastebuds tingling. You can cool down with one of Wagamama's fresh juices, or go for their regular Chicken Katsu Curry (featured in the image below) if you’re not a fan of their spicier alternative. 🔥

Have you ever been to SkyParks?

The Sky Deluxe Set Pack from Zen Sushi

Who doesn’t want an entire 60 piece sushi set pack in their life? I could eat sushi every day, especially if it was from Zen. Their sushi is always so packed with flavour. Watching the chefs prepare everything right in front of you (whether it’s 6 pieces or 60), just makes you appreciate the art of sushi-making. We were always told to reach for the skies when we were younger and I’m pretty sure reaching for a sushi roll from the Sky Deluxe set pack is kinda the same thing… no? 👀

The renowned Calzone Capo di Monte from Vecchia Napoli

The Calzone Capo di Monte is Vecchia Napoli’s award-winning speciality: a closed pizza filled with four different kinds of cheese (mozzarella fior di latte, parmesan, Emmental and fontina) and a creamy mushroom and truffle sauce, topped with rucola, slices of prosciutto crudo, and because you can never have enough cheese on pizza, Grana Padano shavings. We'll have a pizza that, please! 🤤

BONUS: One of each for take-out with a view

If you don’t know what you want to eat and you’re out of ideas when it comes to doing something different, hear us out. Find your favourite 4 dishes (one from each restaurant at SkyParks), get them for take-away and head over to a beautiful spot! You can watch planes take off from Triq Hal Far, chill out on Pretty Bay in Birzebbugia, or sit on one of the picnic tables in Triq il-Wied, Wied iz-Zurrieq. Our favourite, however, has to be the area around Torri Xutu in Wied iz-Zurrieq - the views are breathtaking! 🌅

Tacos from Talbot & Bons, this month’s monthly special from Zen Sushi, a focaccia or La Burrata from Vecchia Napoli and Banana Katsu for dessert from Wagamama would be a superb combo to dig into. 🌮

Which is your go-to dish when you visit SkyParks? Share your foodie shots with us in the comments below or tag us in your Insta stories and use the hashtag #lifeatskyparks! 🤩

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