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Café Del Mar's Sushi takes the crown – your last taste of summer! 🍣

Café Del Mar's Sushi takes the crown – your last taste of summer! 🍣

There’s only a few weeks of ‘what we’re allowed to call summer’ left, and while we’re pretty sure the weather will be pretty darn soothing in October, this is Malta after all, we’re here to remind you that Café Del Mar is here to rock the boat! Serving up some seriously delectably sushi, from the classic Uramaki and Hosomaki, the unavoidable Nigiri and Sashimi, the elite Special Rolls and Hot Rolls and a few more bites to snack on, CDM is the place to be for top quality sushi, maybe even the best on the island! 💯 The full menu can be viewed here!

What makes Café Del Mar’s sushi so damn good?

It’s all about the quality baby! And by quality we mean the freshest cuts of fish, nori seaweed that’s the crispest of the crisp and sushi rice that has been blessed by the hands of a god! Sushi is often overrated, and for many any sushi is good sushi, but if you know your stuff and want to bite into the perfect Tuna Avocado roll, you’ve come to the right blog… 🤔 the right… place… 🤷‍♀️ the right beach resort… 🎯

Not only is Café Del Mar a great spot to visit with your besties, it’s also a great destination to head to for a date night, a quick lunch meeting or even a solo adventure into the Sushi Platters - own it babes, we don’t judge! 💅

The only thing we will judge is if you make the wrong choices while you’re feasting your eyes, and your palette, on the cute to boot sushi selection at CDM. Luckily there’s no wrong choice, but here are FoodBlog’s Top 3 Combos off the Sushi Menu, with a Cocktail pairing for each, of course! 🍹

Start off with some Gyozas and other Snackeroos

There’s nothing quite like a few nibbles to get you started when you’re about to dive deep into a sushi platter extraordinaire! The Sharing plates at CDM are everything, you’ve got to try them! 🍱

Kick it into gear with the uniquely creative Panko Crusted Tuna Arancini and savour that crunch, smooth interior and spicy mayo while you sip away at your Classic Caipirinha. Order up some Salmon Gunkan and throw in some Spicy Tuna Gunkan while you’re at it, they’re only 2 pieces a portion so make sure you order enough to go around! But most importantly, get hold of the Chicken Japanese Gyoza or even the BBQ Pork Japanese Gyoza - they’re to die for! 🥟

Take it up a notch with the Nigiri Platter of your Dreams 

One nigiri, two nigiri, three nigiri… please give me more! You never have enough nigiri at CDM. And given that they’re presented as a pure masterpiece on a plate, why would you want to stop? Especially if you’ve moved on to the Mojito Menu, more specifically the Bright Side! 🍣

Some of the best on the menu include the, Eel Nigiri, the Salmon Nigiri, the Tuna Nigiri and the Prawn Nigiri - and if you know the menu well, you’ll realise that these 4 are the full selection. It’s near impossible to choose your favourite, so get them all. They come in 2 pieces per portion and are not only taste bud worthy, but totally Instagram worthy too! 📷

Get your sushi cravings in order with a mix of Uramaki and Hosomaki 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And there ain’t nothing broken with the classic sushi rolls here at Café Del Mar! Sit back and relax as your cocktails meet their new bff, the Frozen Hemingway - a classic Daiquiri mixed with grapefruit juice, lime juice, a generous tot of Bacardi rum and Maraschino liqueur. 🍒

The day is young, or at least you can always tell yourself it is when a glorious platter of Salmon Avocado, Chicken Teriyaki and the crowd pleasing CDM Hosomaki rolls make their way to your poolside table. 👙

Take in the vibes as the Chill House music carries your soul into another dimension - that might also be the alco-vibes you’re feeling so, take it easy bae. 🎵

How can I feel my oats at CDM?

A common question we often get asked. How, oh how can you live it up at Café Del Mar and live your best fantasy? Well, if you want to vibe the FoodBlog way, the only way we know how to live our best life is to order as much as our foodie stomachs can handle while still feeling hawt for that sunset swim. 🌅

Our gut always tells us to go for a mixed platter of Nigiri, Sashimi, a whole bunch of rolls, including the Fire Roll, the Wild Roll and the Dynamite Roll and adding a few buffers to the table - Edamame Beans, Wakame Salad and Spicy Salmon Rice Paper Rolls always seem to do the trick. ✅

Oh… and we always take the party up a notch with a few extra cocktails too. Jus’ sayin’. 🍸 Reserve your table by tapping here & don't forget to tag us in your stories on your visit.

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