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8 Killer Brisket Spots in Malta for Brisket Day 😍

8 Killer Brisket Spots in Malta for Brisket Day 😍

It’s Brisket Day tomorrow, folks! This piece of meat is loved all over the world and it has become increasingly popular in Malta over the years. 🤩

The brisket comes from the lower chest or the breast part of beef or veal. It is packed with flavour and there are a number of dishes in Malta that use this gorgeous piece of meat. These are just some of them that you can get in Malta to celebrate Brisket Day:


You probably already knew that EAT would be in here. They only serve the most delicious smoked meat on the island! Their Beef Brisket sandwich is probably one of our favourites from their menu! 🤤


Our favourite brisket dish from Wagamama is probably the Tantanmen Beef Brisket Ramen, but we wouldn’t say no to a Beef Brisket Teriyaki Donburi either! If you’re celebrating Brisket Day with another person, just get both dishes and share them! 🤷

Nom Nom

Nom Nom also have a couple of options to choose from for Brisket Day! You can get either the Juicy Juicy sandwich with USDA Brisket AND beef patty or The Brisket Sandwich with BBQ brisket. Both sound equally delicious! 🥪

District Five

These guys have a 10 hour slow cooked beef brisket on their menu that sounds incredible. If that’s not your thing, District Five also have a Mexican Nacho Pizza with smoked brisket, a Smoked Brisket Salad, and a whole American Platter featuring shredded brisket on top of a meat feast! 😍

Do you like brisket?

Sciacca Express

So many brisket options to choose from here! Smoked Brisket Salad, Smoked Brisket Ciabatta, Smoked Brisket Melt, a gluten-free Brisket Focaccia and even an entire piece of Smoked Beef Brisket of either 200g or 500g. If you haven’t visited Sciacca Express yet, I think Brisket Day would be the perfect day to do so. 🍖

Brooklyn Eats

This new food truck in Zejtun is bringing a feast of American flavours to Malta. Brooklyn Eats opened its doors (or windows?) earlier this year and their Brisket Bun is one of their most popular items on the menu! 👌

U Bistrot

The brisket dish from U Bistrot is not exactly a basic one. It’s a ravioli dish called Ravioli Braised Beef Brisket and the ravioli are filled with braised beef brisket and topped with cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions and a Guinness braising jus. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? 😋

Munchies Mellieha Bay

If you’re somewhere in the northern areas of Malta and want to celebrate Brisket Day with a delicious burger, head over to Munchies Mellieha Bay and try out their Smoked Brisket Burger. Brisket cravings sorted! 💪

Where will you be heading off to celebrate Brisket Day? Let us know your favourite brisket spots in Malta in the comments! 👇

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