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Beat the Heat: Where to Go in Malta when the Sun's Too Much to Handle 🥵

Beat the Heat: Where to Go in Malta when the Sun's Too Much to Handle 🥵

To be completely honest with you, I’m already counting down the days until winter. I’m not a person who deals very well with these hot temperatures, so when the sun gets scorching in Malta (which is like every day of summer), I try to find a place where I can get away from it. Most times, obviously, these places include food. So let’s have a look at some of the places in Malta you can head off to when it’s too hot in summer! 🔥

The Plaza

The Plaza Shopping Centre is an awesome place to visit when you’re out and about. You can do some shopping but you can also grab something to eat from one of their 10 spots in the food hall - all while you’re in an airconditioned place! 😍


This is one of my favourite places on the island. At one point, I used to visit Lidl at least once a week just for the fun of it. I would just enjoy the cold AC and grab something from their bakery section, some cheeses, or even some new frozen items associated with a particular cuisine. 😋

Eden Cinemas

If you absolutely cannot stand the heat and you don’t feel like being outside, but you still want to do something fun, heading off to watch a movie at Eden Cinemas would be the perfect thing to do. Grab a bubble tea before you head inside, snatch some popcorn or some nachos and enjoy a movie away from the scorching heat. ☀️

Greens Supermarket

Greens Supermarket can be considered as the cool kid on the block when it comes to supermarkets. It has foods from around the world that you might not be able to find at other shops. I don’t know about you, but I could make a day out of hanging out at a supermarket, especially on a hot day! 🥵

Which one’s your favourite?

The Point Shopping Mall

Another air-conditioned shopping mall that gives you a bit of everything is The Point Shopping Mall. The cold AC calls for a warm Cinnabon. You can also grab an iced-coffee from Costa Coffee or a ftira from JAR. 🤤

Pavi or Pama

Both Pavi and Pama are super cool supermarkets with tons of snacks to grab. There’s Krepree at both locations, and you can also grab some refreshing sushi from Zen Sushi at both locations before you head in. There’s also Cafe Cuba, Dr Juice and more at Pama, and even Pizza Hut at Pavi!

Marks & Spencer

Supermarket, clothes, cafeteria - the perfect escape from the summer sun! They’ve recently opened a brand new food hall in Bay Street! Their baked goods are so delicious. My favourite thing to grab from an M&S store is a packet of one of their cookies (obviously a different flavour each time) and a cold drink from the fridge. 🍪


Here’s another mall full of different stuff, one of which obviously includes food. After shopping for clothes, tech stuff, make up, toys or even perfume at Centerparc, you can go grab something to eat (IN THE AC!) from Cafe Pascucci or Cafe Cuba or a cold ice-cream from Vanilla+. 🍦

The Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium is the ultimate place to be in the summertime. Watching the beautiful marine life (away from the hot sun) can be super calming. Follow that by lunch at La Nave Bistro and your day will be set! ✌️

Eden SuperBowl

If you want to do something super fun, head over to the Eden SuperBowl! They’ve got their own bar and restaurant so you won’t go hungry while you play. For that extra bit of fun, check out their Disco Bowling! Good music, bowling, a cold beer and a good pizza might be the perfect combo for this summer. 😎

Where’s your favourite place to head off to in Malta when the summer sun gets just too much to handle? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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