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Gozitan glory: 8 restaurants you need to try in Gozo! 🛥️

Gozitan glory: 8 restaurants you need to try in Gozo! 🛥️

Our sister island has so much to offer. It gives us an escape when we truly need it, and let’s face it, so many things taste better in Gozo. Whether it’s your everyday kazin, or a fine-dining experience, you will never leave Gozo with an empty stomach.

If you’re off to Gozo, make sure you do not miss out on the delicious food at these stunning locations:

1. Mo’s Diner

Get a taste of the food at Mo’s Diner, and you’ll just keep on wanting mo! They’re open until the afternoon, so they serve mainly breakfast and lunch. They have mouth-watering burgers and sandwiches, and they cater for vegetarians and vegans too! Make sure to stop by next time you’re in Victoria. 👍

2. Mojo’s

Mojo’s in Victoria has such a wonderful ambiance. They are also open for breakfast and lunch and their Pizzotto variations are super scrumptious! Fresh pizza dough packed with 100% mozzarella and delicious filling options, really... what more could you ask for. 🤤

Oh... and by the way, have you tried their delicious pancakes yet?

3. Otters Bistro & Lounge

Dinner by the sea? Yes, please. Overlooking the beautiful Marsalforn Bay, this stunning place serves amazing stuffed homemade pasta. But that’s not all! You can choose your dish from a variety of pizzas, meats, and fabulous fish. If you haven't been to Otters Bistro & Lounge yet, you're missing out. 😮

4. Ta’ Karolina

Xlendi is home to some superb eateries, and Ta’ Karolina is definitely one of them. This pretty restaurant is located alongside Xlendi Bay and apart from killer food, this place has a beautiful story. It is dedicated to a strong woman, Karolina Cauchi, who founded the Dominican sisters’ monastery in Gozo in 1889. So while you’re feasting on your delicious dinner at Ta’ Karolina, you will also be part of Karolina’s story.

5. The Boathouse

Almost everybody knows about The Boathouse because word spreads fast, and these guys have a great reputation that is well-deserved. Located in Xlendi, these guys cater for all kinds of diets - they have their usual a la carte menu and even a vegetarian and vegan menu! 🤩

6. Ta’ Tona

You know the food is genuine when the name of the restaurant has a local name in it. This is definitely the case here. Located in Mgarr, Ta' Tona offers scrumptious meals that are just top notch. Whether you're having fresh fish, a juicy piece of steak, or a homey plate of pasta, you will definitely go home satisfied.

7. One80 Kitchen

This place elevates your dining experience and gives your taste buds a boost of flavour. It is situated in Mgarr and has beautiful views of the sea. One80 Kitchen is one place you definitely do not want to miss - their food is on a whole other level of goodness!

8. Tmun

We’re ending the list with a restaurant that was named in the Michelin Guide for 2020. This place serves dishes that could be too pretty to eat. However, they’re too delicious for you to just keep staring at them. If you want a fine dining experience that is also a feast for your taste buds, head over to Tmun in Mgarr. ⭐

Gozo has so much to offer that the list can just keep going on and on. So, what are your favourite eateries in Gozo?

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