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Time for Tapas: 7 spots for tapas in Malta 🍴

Time for Tapas: 7 spots for tapas in Malta 🍴

Have you ever been out to eat and you just didn’t know what to choose from the menu? Or you felt like eating different things rather than just one dish. Or maybe you don’t feel like having a full lunch or dinner, but just a few bites here and there. That means that you’re looking for tapas, small dishes that are usually served with drinks or cocktails. 🍹

Although tapas are usually Spanish dishes, the concept of small dishes has spread to a number of cuisines. If you’re looking for some good tapas in Malta, here’s where you can get your fix from:

La Vida 

Do you want to live la vida loca? Well, La Vida in Sliema will get your Spanish cravings sorted alongside a gorgeous view. There are so many tapas to choose from here, as well as wines, beers, and gins! 🥂

Fernando Gastrotheque

If you want an experience like no other, Fernando Gastrotheque in Sliema is your go-to place! Fine ingredients are transformed into stunning tapas with the greatest passion. 🤩

Suzie Q

There are a number of reasons to love Suzie Q, and their tapas are just one of them. They serve a variety of delicious tapas, and look out for their specials! 🤤


This St. Julian's spot provides some of the best tapas made with the freshest ingredients. Tapea is a Spanish gastrotheque serving high-quality portions of deliciousness. 😋

Do you love sharing or would you rather have one main dish?

Yard 32

Yard 32 is a gin and tapas bar in Valletta that serves killer tapas. With over 50 different tapas to choose from, you'll definitely be spoilt for choice. ✌️

Talbot & Bons

Located at Skyparks Business Centre close to the Malta International Airport, Talbot & Bons is a superb place for tapas. They’ve got quite the selection that will tempt you to catch the next flight to anywhere! ✈️


All Hammett’s locations are great places for tapas. Their concept focuses on the beauty of sharing and their food is just on another level. Choose from Hammett’s Macina, Hammett’s Gastro Bar, Hammett’s Mestizo, and more recently, Hammett’s Monastik.👌

Which local spot is your favourite for tapas? Let us know in the comments below or share your snapshots of the food and tag us! 📸

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