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FoodBlog’s Packed Lunches: 5 Delish Fish Lunches Powered by IPAK Bio 🐟

FoodBlog’s Packed Lunches: 5 Delish Fish Lunches Powered by IPAK Bio 🐟

Lunch time is probably the best hour of our working day, it’s a time for us to step away from the pressures of work and dig into something delicious that we know is going to keep us going for the rest of the day. ⏱️

Getting lunch delivered to our workstations or home office might be fun sometimes, heading out for a quick bite with colleagues is just what your day needs sometimes, but let’s be honest… it’s not too friendly on our wallets; or our waistlines. 🙊

The only downside to making your own lunch and meal prepping with some intention of a well-balanced week is lunchboxes, the storage of all those lids and finding the right sized container to store your ample or petite lunch! 🍲

Alas foodies… help is at hand! With Inserv’s sustainable and easily stored IPAK Bio range, you’ll be able to prep your lunch at home, lugg it to work with you without fear of spillage, leaks or utter havoc and dive into your homemade nosh right out of the container. It’s a simple solution that could work out for both those who refuse to do the washing up as well as those who want to give Mama Earth a hand; rinsing out and reusing IPAK Bio containers up to 5 times! ♻️

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to suggest a series of FoodBlog Packed Lunches; starting this week with 5 Delish Fish Lunches; cracking out some tasty meals to give your week that pescatarian pick-me-up! 🐠

IPAK Bio’s Large Container

Make sure you load up on those carbs with a hearty pasta or noodle dish, but add some Omegas in there with some Asian inspired salmon or add some Italian love with a garlicky shrimp! 💻

Teriyaki Salmon

Comfort food alert: an Asian twist on a succulent salmon dish! Teriyaki salmon is always a great option, and when you’re hungry for more than your traditional plate food of a protein and 2 veg, noodles are the perfect solution. 🍽️

Start by marinating your salmon in Taste & Tell’s Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Recipe. Cover the salmon generously and store in an air-tight container. Set that aside and turn to your oodles of noodles. Boil your noodles for a few minutes, according to packaging instructions, dip in an ice-bath to stop the cooking process - remember you’ll be reheating your food when you’re at the office so don’t over cook your noods. 🍜

Remove your salmon from its marinade, and sear on either side, 5-7 minutes for the perfect medium centre. Glaze with a little more marinade to get that sticky yum. Save the rest of your marinade for the noodles, finely slice some red and yellow peppers, some chillis, spring onions and edamame beans, chuck them in a hot pan with the remained of your marinade, whip in the noodles and toss till the dressing covers each string of noodles. Plate in you IPAK Bio pack and top your salmon whole to avoid drying it out when reheating. 🔥

Shrimp Pasta

Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect lunch menu item ready prepared with a full recipe for your absolute convenience. This dish is packed with garlic, peeled, deveined and perfectly cooked shrimps; that you can upgrade to prawns if that’s what you’ve got in your freezer and a generous portion of al dente pasta for those big boi appetites. 🦐

Inserv IPAK Bio Container plus Shrimp Pasta

Packed and ready to go!

Mix it up with different pasta options, added veggies and different seasonings. Garlic butter is always a great option, but an anchovy, chilli, lemon and cream cheese concoction could do the trick too with your garlic shrimp. Guanciale, pancetta or chorizo also pair really nicely with shellfish, and could add some umami bursts to this dish. Remember to season and make sure that you’ve got enough sauce to give your pasta new life.  For this recipe I used pancetta for an extra umami bang. 🍤

Inserv IPAK Bio Container plus Shrimp Pasta

Here's what your work lunches have in store this week


Serves 2

  • 300g fusilli
  • 150g cooked shrimp (fresh or defrosted from frozen)
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1tsp dried chilli flakes
  • a chunk of pancetta, add more or less if you prefer
  • 2 preserved anchovy fillets
  • 2 small pieces of parmigiano
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • ¼ cup of white cooking wine
  • olive oil, S&P and chopped fresh parsley
  • 2 large iPak Bio containers

Inserv IPAK Bio Container plus Shrimp Pasta

Simple ingredients for a simple, yet tasty dish!


  1. Boil some water to cook your penne. Add a heaped teaspoon of salt and a drizzle of olive oil to the water to season.
  2. In a hot pan cook down your fresh or defrosted shrimp in a little olive oil with a sprinkle of black pepper and a little salt for flavour enhancement. Remove from the pan when they reduce to half their size. 
  3. In the same pan cook down your pancetta and anchovy - this is where the majority of the flavour will come through. Add chopped onions shortly after these cook down. Splash in some wine to loosen the mixture.
  4. Once cooked though and flavours combine, add in your cooked pasta, reserving some pasta water for later.
  5. Mix the pasta with the base ingredients, add some past water to bring the dish together and turn off the heat. 
  6. Tip your pasta into an iPAK Bio Container, sprinkle some grated parm and top with your shrimps. Garnish with parsley if you fancy that earthy pop. 
  7. Store in the fridge and set your countdown timer for lunch time nom!

IPAK Bio’s 3-Part Container

It’s like this container was made for your sushi lunches! With a larger area for an array of sushi rolls, you’ll definitely fill up your belly on your lunch break with this portion allowance. The 2 side compartments can be used for your condiments, a little spot for your pickled ginger and wasabi and another for that soy sauce - which we would recommend you pour once you’re at your desk! 🖥️

Tuna Maki 

If you love fish, then you’ve got to love sushi. You might think this is one of those dishes you’d rather get from your fav sushi joint, but truth be told, it’s rather simple to prepare your own sushi at home. It’s not as great as the sushi masters’ but it will surely do for a quick Monday lunch! 🍣

Follow the instructions on your sushi rice packaging for best results, and if it tells you to leave the pot covered for a certain amount of time DO IT! Season with rice wine vinegar and sugar or mirin, allow to cool and get started on your tuna. Chop up into a fine dice if you’re going for the spicy tuna route or cut into chunky batons if you’d prefer the traditional maki style. 🍱

If you’re going with the spicy tuna option, a dash of Kewpie mayo, some Sriracha hot sauce and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. For the classic tuna maki, there’s nothing better than a fresh chunk of tuna tightly wrapped in seasoned rice and a crisp nori sheet. You can also add some avocado in there if you’re feeling lush. 🥑

IPAK Bio’s 4-Part Container

This 4-Part Container is perfect for those lunches that, even though you’re totally looking forward to them… you always want a little more of something else after. A salmon bagel and some tuna pulpetti sound like a great lunch when paired with a side salad, some extra veg and maybe a fruit for laters. 🥝

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Nothing simpler than a salmon bagel. You could even pack this guy for breakfast if you’re extra hungry! If you’re choosing your salmon bagel for lunch, schmear on some cream cheese, season with some fresh black pepper and layer on some fresh rucola. 🥯

On the other bagel half, the top part; spread some mustard and some finely sliced red onion rings, a few capers or maybe some thinly sliced cucumbers and layer your smoked salmon on top. 3-5 slices should be enough… but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to more. Give it a generous squeeze of lemon and hey presto. You’ve got yourself a smoked salmon bagel. 🍋

If you’ve got quite a big appetite, why not serve this with a rucola, red onion and Parmesan salad with a light vinaigrette, a bunch of carrot and celery sticks and a bit of hummus, babaganoush or fresh pesto genovese on the side. 🥕

Tuna Pulpetti

Tuna pulpetti are great, similar to the traditional corned beef pulpetti we all ask Nanna to make when we visit, the tuna version is one that I grew up with and still crave quite often, along with the veggie cousins, the cauliflower pulpetti. Basically, I love pulpetti and they’re perfect lunch material. 😋

Simple as ever here folks, boil 3-4 large potatoes, mash them roughly with a fork, add some salt, pepper and cheese, some nutritional yeast and a butt load of parsley and garlic. Drain a large tuna can, add it to the mixture, give them a good mix. Crack in one egg and mix again. Go easy on the egg if your mixture is already loose, it all depends on your potato density. 🥔

Once cooled, form into patties and allow to cool and firm up in the fridge. When they’ve kind of solidified, dust in some flour (I sometimes miss this step, and they turn out pretty much the same) and shallow fry in a pan until golden brown. Serve with a side of garlic roasted broccoli, some homemade ratatouille and a big old tangerine for afters. 🍊

There you have it, 5 easy lunches stored in the perfect container for your week’s meals! No more take outs needed, this will be so much healthier, a whole lot more encouraging in the day and even give you bragging rights at the office. Choose IPAK Bio for a simple and easy-to-use packaging solution, provided by none other than Inserv, the gods of all packaging that’s sustainable and portable for the busy bee lifestyles that we lead! 👔

Tune in next week for a meaty recipe load that will take your lunches to a whole new level! Happy lunching! 🤤

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