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FoodBlog Kitchen: 4 Tasty Vegan Swaps for your Fave Meals 🌮

FoodBlog Kitchen: 4 Tasty Vegan Swaps for your Fave Meals 🌮

Maybe you're new to veganism and are tired of the same boring meals, or you’re trying to lower your animal product consumption and you need some fresh ideas. Or maybe you're one of those people who thinks vegans just eat leaves, and you’re missing out on some bomb food. 💣

Either way, you might want to stay and learn something new. And P.S., not one of these recommendations is a salad! 🥗

Would you try Vegan Food?

The best part about these dishes is that you can feed them to your anti-vegan family and friends and they won’t know the difference 👀 

So try out one of these ideas for your next Meatless Mondays meal 🌱


There are also many variations for this. The most accurate replacement for minced meat would naturally be vegetarian mince such as those made from soy protein, but if you prefer to substitute with a less processed ingredient, try simmerring red lentils in your usual sauce, and add in chopped mushrooms for an extra meaty bite. Similarly you can make this ‘meat’ sauce for something like a shepherd's pie - I totally recommend trying this, you probably won’t ever make it with beef again. 🍝


Pancakes are great because they’re super versatile, and all you really need for them to hold together is the right ratio of flour (try healthier options such as oat flour, wholemeal or almond flour) and milk, and for this reason they’re a vegan breakfast staple. You can obviously replace the milk with any plant milk of choice, and instead of the egg you can go for mashed banana, flax or chia eggs or even protein powder, as it helps the batter to thicken and adds that extra protein that you’d be missing. Just make sure you don’t miss out on the baking powder and seasoning, and you’ve got the perfect stack. 🥞

Mac ‘n’ Cheeze 

There are loads of ways to make a cheese-like sauce without using the actual thing. You could blend up almond, soy or coconut milk with soaked cashews, silken tofu, white beans, as well as potatoes and carrots for a great base. The actual magic happens with the seasoning - investing in nutritional yeast is a must for a great ‘cheesy’ flavour. It may be pricey, but it really is the best substitute there is. 🧀

Pulled Pork 

Faking pulled pork is way easier than it actually sounds. The most popular ingredient of choice for this is jackfruit; which you should get either fresh and unripe or canned in water, and has the perfect texture to mimic this widely loved dish. Once you simmer the stuff in barbeque sauce, the flavour will be almost identical. Other great options for this dish if you don’t have access to jackfruit are shredded mushrooms (oyster or portobello work best), eggplant, and even banana peels, if you have the guts for it 🤔

We’re all here for the love that plant-based eating is receiving nowadays, and thankfully you don’t have to be a fully-fledged vegan to make a difference. Try making ingredient swaps in dishes that contain meat, dairy or eggs whenever you feel up for it, and with these little changes you’d be helping out the environment, your health and Mama Earth’s animals. 🌎

What’s your favourite secretly vegan meal? 🤫

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