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Warm your Soul with McCafé’s newest Hot Drinks available now! ☕

Warm your Soul with McCafé’s newest Hot Drinks available now! ☕

Winter’s coming foodies so gather your troops and head on to McCafé for a hot bevvy to soothe all those chilly feals! With 2 new coffees plus a moreish Almond Hot Chocolate added to the menu, your reasons to head over to McCafé for a warming pick-me-up just piled on! 😍

It’s not like we ever needed another reason to head to McCafé; their selection of hot drinks, pastries and baked goods always seem to wash all the blues away! But whenever a new item drops on the McCafé or McDonald’s menu, trust and believe that the FoodBlog crew will drop what they’re doing to swing by for a sample of the new items of their extensive menu. 😋

McCafe Almond Hot Chocolate on Spinola Balcony.

Make your afternoon a chocolatey one with McCafé.

This season McCafé Malta is whipping up some seriously tasty heart warmers, namely an earthy and creamy cup of Joe that boasts a rich and chocolatey undertone; this smooth criminal goes by the name of the Almond Mocha. And an equally satisfying choice, that’s pretty much loved by all coffee lovers is the classic and iconic latte, only with a nutty twist titling this beauty the Almond Latte! 🍂

If you’re a coffee traditionalist, you’d opt for these two java hits as your AM fix, but if you feel like breaking the rules, stepping outside the box, or just fancy the milkiest of coffees, you’re in luck! McCafé serves their newly added Almond Mocha and Almond Latte throughout the day, together with the rest of their superior coffee selection. And for all you caffeine avoiders, you can always opt for their decaf version of every coffee, or give the Almond Hot Chocolate a try - it’s thick, decadent and full of choco goodness! 🍫

Barista at McCafe Spinola.

Making sure every coffee is poured with love!

The coffee at McCafé, is hands down, one of the best quick coffees you can get on the island when compared to other coffee hubs available in our market. And there’s a great reason for that. McCafé coffee is made from espresso beans that are sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Their selection of Arabica beans are expertly roasted and poured fresh for your ultimate satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at the new items that McCafé added to their menu:

The Almond Mocha

The Mocha: a classic coffee selection with a chocolatey flair that gives your day the boost it needs while tapping into your inner child with that cute cocoa dusting! But this new McCafé addition is taking up the sophistication with a dazzling shot of amaretto syrup; giving the hot coffee a nutty touch that will light up your senses! 🤤

Mocha and McCafe cake.

Mocha and a McCafé cake always makes sense!

The sweet addition of the almond syrup will hit a home run with all those looking for an extra reason to smile on a rainy day! And if you want just that little more happiness in a cup, upgrade to Grande size for the full Almond Mocha experience. 😃

Are you Team Almond Mocha?

Mocha at McCafe Spinola.

Can you resist this beauty?

The Almond Latte

The Almond Latte is a sophisticated sipper with 2 parts espresso and 3 parts milk with a luscious head of foam to add to your morning routine. But this beauty packs in a little more goodness with a shot of that same amaretto syrup that you loved so much after trying the Almond Mocha. ⏰

Almond Latte at McCafe

Now that's a perfect Almond Latte with extra foam!

The Almond Latte is even nuttier though, this speciality coffee doesn’t share the limelight with its close cousin the Almond Mocha, it’s pure almond flavs and we’re absolutely devoted to it! 🥛

What will your new go-to be?

The Almond Hot Chocolate

If you’ve never tasted a McCafé Hot Chocolate, by golly you’re missing out! The rich, thick and creamy staple from McCafé is back, back, back again but with a new nutty twist... and we’re crossing every finger, toe and limb hoping that it will stay on the menu for good. 🤞

McCafe Almond Hot Chocolate.

Hello? Can I love you?

You know that feeling when you’re not hungry, but you could really do with a sweet treat to add some character to your day? That’s exactly where the McCafé Almond Hot Chocolate comes into play! It’s perfect as your afternoon slump buster or an evening treat after a long day of errands and stress. Chocolate makes everything better and this Hot Chocolate will transport you straight to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And that’s a (non-literal) promise. 😏

Almond Hot Chocolate at McCafe Spinola.

Peaks of perfection with a chocolate dusting... mmm!

How do you like your Hot Chocy?

We’re 100% sure that you’re in desperate need of a McCafé warmer right this second… so if you’re out and about, pop into any one of their outlets and order yourself a hot brew! If you’re not up for some socializing & the cravings just won't go away, do what I did just while writing this and order yourself a McDelivery through WOLT or Bolt Food; all those early morning commute memories of a hot Latte (and maybe even a cheeky Hash Brown from the McDonald’s Breakfast Menu) came rushing back, so I thought I’d treat myself! 🚲

McCafe takeaway in Spinola Malta

Nothing like a McCafe to start your morning!

Catch the Almond Latte, Almond Mocha and stunning Almond Hot Chocolate exclusively at McCafé; they’re here to watch 2021 fade away, but make sure you try your fair share before the New Year breaks in… they might not be around for long! 🚀

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