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The Ultimate FoodBlog Bucket List: June ☀️

The Ultimate FoodBlog Bucket List: June ☀️

Can you believe we're already halfway into 2021? June is an important month for the island. As most of the restrictions have been lifted, we can now enjoy simple things like eating out at a restaurant (past 5pm!), enjoying the outdoors and grabbing a snack from a snackbar. 🙏

Here's what you can do this month to celebrate being a step closer to normality:

Visit a local kazin or snack bar

Why? Well, because you finally can! Kazini and snack bars can finally open up as from the 7th of June. These guys have been closed for a seriously long time, so we can all support them a little by heading over there for a pint and a ftira. Let's face it, nobody makes a ftira quite like a Maltese snackbar or kazin. Don't you agree? 🤷

Make a peach cobbler

Peaches are finally in season, so it's the perfect time to make a delicious peach cobbler! Get yourself some peaches, flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, ginger and cinnamon, and you've got yourself a killer peach cobbler. Check out this super easy recipe for peach cobbler or this one for an egg-free version. Peaches are also great with savoury dishes, especially when grilled! 🍑

Make watermelon lollies

Do you know what you need to make watermelon lollies? Watermelon. That's it! And lucky for all of us, this fruit is probably the most iconic summer fruit on the island. Just scoop out the red part, remove the seeds, purèe it and fill the ice-lolly moulds. Freeze and you're good to go! This recipe also calls for a kiwi so you can make your lolly actually look like a watermelon. 🍉

But don't worry if you're not a fan of ice lollies, watermelons are also good in salads and cocktails. 🍹

Are you a summer person or a winter person?

Have a quiet picnic date

Have you ever felt like going on a picnic date with someone, but you didn't feel like preparing everything or you didn't know where to go? Recently, I've come across this awesome new concept where everything is prepared for you: the food, the place and the entire setting. Doesn't that sound amazing? 😍

If you've never heard of them, I'm talking about Pop-up Picnics. They take care of everything; all you have to do is show up and have a great time! 🥪

Go wine tasting

What better way to celebrate summer than visiting a gorgeous local winery, having a taste of different wines and learning about this art form? Local vineyard Meridiana organises lovely wine-tasting events and their vineyards are located in Ta' Qali, just beneath the beautiful Mdina. Can you imagine how amazing that would be? 🍷

Make fresh ice-cream

What is summer without ice-cream? Abnormal, that's what. If you're one of those people who cannot live without ice-cream, you may want to try making it yourself. If you already own an ice-cream machine, that's super, but you don't really need it. 🍨

All you need are the following ingredients:

  • 400g condensed milk
  • 400ml whipping cream
  • Whatever toppings you want (syrup, melted chocolate, Nutella, peanut butter, or fresh fruit) 

Whisk the condensed milk and whipping cream on medium to high speed for about 5 minutes, add your toppings, place in an air-tight container and freeze overnight. Enjoy! 🤤

Which one will you be trying out first? Whatever you pick, show us! Tag us in your Insta stories using our handle 🤩

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