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The FoodBlog Store Has Landed! 😏 Are you ready for this?

The FoodBlog Store Has Landed! 😏 Are you ready for this?

Oh boy, are we excited about this one: our very own FoodBlog Store has finally launched! That’s right, we’ve launched an online store! We’re now closer to you all than we’ve ever been before, through our favourite medium: food. Our FoodBlog Store is unlike any other and we aim and keep aiming to provide you with the freshest stuff around. 🧡

Why is it different?

FoodBlog Store is a purely online store that is available on WOLT and Bolt Food. We aim to make shopping easier for everyone through the products that we provide. So, for instance, if you feel like a killer plate of pasta, we’ve got some great pasta kits for you to choose from so that you can choose your favourite one and all of the required ingredients (and instructions) will be provided in this kit. Whatever you choose will then be delivered straight to your door in a short amount of time. 💪

What are the opening hours?

You can place your orders from Monday through Sunday, from 11am until midnight, except for Tuesday, when the opening hours are from 11am until 10pm. During these hours, you can get any product from the FoodBlog Store delivered straight to your door. We’ve already got some stuff for you to dive into, so let’s go through them! 😍

Will you be ordering from FoodBlog Store?

Here’s what you can get

Pasta Kits

We’ve already briefly mentioned the pasta kits, but let’s delve deeper, shall we? There’s four kits to choose from: the Amatriciana Kit, the Mac & Cheese Kit, the Mac & Cheese and Bacon Kit and, last but not least, the Carbonara Kit (eggs and everything!). Which one will you be trying first? 🍝

Ice Cream

YES, our very own ice-cream! Summer’s a killer in Malta, but we’re here to save the day with a 500g tub of refreshing deliciousness. You can choose from 9 flavours: Chocolate Delight, Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate, Lemon Sorbet, Pistachio Heaven, Salted Caramel, Snickers, Strawberry Swirl and Vanilla. You can also combine them with something from the section below! 🍨


If you want something else with your ice-cream, this section includes Belgian Waffles and Crunchy Waffle Cones to help you kick your ice-cream game up a notch. 🧇

Hot Sauce

In collaboration with local geniuses, Ferment Island, we bring you some of the best-tasting hot sauce on the Maltese islands. Their sauces are made through a process of fermentation, so they also give your gut a healthy kick it really deserves. Our Hot Basco Sauce, produced by Ferment Island themselves, will definitely help to spice up your life! 🔥

Wolt Specials

Just in time for the Euro Cup, we’ve got some awesome Wolt Specials dedicated for this special season. These include combos of different ice-cream flavours and sweets, as well as pasta kits and ice-cream combos (you can never miss dessert, am I right?). 😏

Wanna collab? Get in touch!

Our FoodBlog Store is based on collaborations with local food businesses because we want to push and promote local products! If you’ve got some killer ideas and you want to promote your food products on our FoodBlog Store, get in touch with us through Instagram or by sending us an email on [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you! 🤩

Are you as excited about our new concept as we are? We’d love to hear what you think about it! Drop a comment below with your feedback. 👇

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