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TAPP & FoodBlog to avoid 10 million plastic bottles a year by 2023 🤯

TAPP & FoodBlog to avoid 10 million plastic bottles a year by 2023 🤯

Have you heard of TAPPWater Malta? Well if you haven't, FoodBlog is here to enlighten you with some of the greatest news in sustainability, cost-effectiveness and overall cool-factor! 😎

If you have heard of TAPP… that’s great! We’re glad you’re in the know, but do you also know that locally, here in Malta, their mission is to save our seas, countryside and streets from 10 million plastic bottles a year by 2023? 🥳

2020 made it crystal clear that our planet does have the ability to regenerate itself and move beyond the pollution and destruction mankind has caused over the years - and the way we at FoodBlog see it, we’re all in for breathing life back into our ecosystem by reducing the effects of microplastics on Malta’s environment. 🌎

This is why we’ve joined forces with the groundbreaking TAPP guys to trash the use of plastic bottles - and by trash we mean eliminate, kick to the curb and help drive their use into extinction. This is TAPP’s mission and we are so on board! 🙌

Did you know that water companies are not in the water-making business - they're in the plastic-bottle-making business?

TAPPWater is a nifty contraption that has been engineered out of organic coconut shell (how awesome is that), to create a carbon block with 1-2 micron filtration, as seen in the TAPP2 filters. Its simple installation can be done in seconds, with a quick twist and click method that instantly delivers super efficient filtering abilities. 💦

Once you attach TAPP to your kitchen sink, you can expect to experience potable water that is free from taste, odour, chlorine, nitrates and other nasties that exist naturally in local tap water. Filtration systems such as TAPP work on purifying our consumable water to a safe quality that provides us with the hydration we need, while cutting back on unwanted chemicals and microplastics in our drinking glasses. 🤢

If you’re already on the ‘no-plastic-bottle’ mission, you might be completely surprised that Filter Pitchers and Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems, while greatly beneficial to the planet compared to branded water bottles, still don’t cut it with TAPP’s exceptionally impressive stats. ✋

But first off, what is TAPPWater?

TAPP was first developed in 2014 when two blokes, Magnus from Sweden and Alex from Germany, decided it was time to revolutionise the way we consume and package water. With primary concerns for the environment as well as the public’s general spending, TAPP was designed to gradually eliminate the use of plastic bottles that release microplastics into our water system, while keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket! ✌️

Bottled water is simply filtered water poured into a plastic bottle. The “cost” that water companies endure is primarily related to the production of the bottle itself, not so much the water they market. So if you think about it, it’s kind of strange that we, as consumers, pay for a plastic bottle that we’re ultimately going to chuck away the minute we’re done with it. 🗑

Where TAPP costs €0,01 per litre, Osmosis amounts to €0,03 and Pitchers, €0,05 - it doesn't seem like a lot when we’re talking cents, but it adds up by the end of the year. The carbon footprint for Pitchers filled per litre is around 6kg, while Osmosis is a shocking 16kg. Water wastage per litre produced for Reverse Osmosis Systems is also pretty high - for every 1 litre produced, this system has a water wastage mass of 3-5 litres. 😲

TAPP not only costs less, is cheaper to install, maintain and creates less CO2 emissions, it also creates zero water waste. ♻️

Use discount code: FOODBLOGMT for 15% off the TAPP2 Twist

Why is TAPP your best option?

It’s easy for any company to promote their product as ‘the best’ - that’s why we’re doing it for TAPP - we simply believe that their product is the best solution on the market and we’re all for snazzy new technology that changes the way we eat and drink! 💣

It’s all cool that TAPP reduces our yearly water costs to €0,01 per litre and our carbon footprint to 3kg. But what do these figures actually mean? 🧐

And if all this isn’t cool enough for you, Mr High Tech, what if we told you that TAPP2 Click is equipped with a Bluetooth function that connects directly to MyTAPP - a smart app that monitors usage notifying you when your cartridges need changing so your every glass of water smashes it in quality and taste. 💪

Did you know that every household in Malta and Gozo that uses a TAPP Water Filter avoids at least 700 plastic bottles per year, emits 156kg less CO2 and saves €312.

So if you’ve just now realised that your water habits are not so eco, that you’re spending your money on an essential that does not need to cost so much, or maybe you’ve been using other water filtration systems and been slapped in the face with a whole new world of info, TAPP could be your 2021 Resolution that not only benefits you and your pocket, but also this floating planet we call home. 😍

Are you ready for the water revolution? Get your very own TAPP2 Click or TAPP2 Twist for just €59 and join TAPP and FoodBlog’s mission to keep 10 million plastic bottles out of the trash every year by 2023. 💯

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