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The Nigerian Charity Burger Meal is here & it's something special.

The Nigerian Charity Burger Meal is here & it's something special.

How it all started...

In 2019, Maltese/Nigerian Nurse & Influencer, Daniel Umanah launched a fundraiser in Malta to raise funds to help his hometown in Nigeria. Daniel managed to raise a few thousand euros which was donated towards essentials, such as food, medical care, machinery & daily essentials. This scheme was extremely successful & you can have a look at Daniel's journey here.

Unfortunately, last year Daniel was unable to renew his incredible initiative due to COVID - but this year he restarted his initiative and in under a month has already raised over 10,000 Euros in donations, excluding many donations from food to clothes.

The amazing local support!

Many news portals and social media houses have shown their support to Daniel over the past few weeks. Here are a few;

Here's how we wanted to help!

Following this amazing support, our FoodBlog Teamed reached out to our friends at Sticky Fingers to launch a 'Nigeria Charity Burger Meal' which will be exclusively available from tomorrow from Sticky Fingers. All sales from this Burger will be donated towards Daniel's fundraiser! It's only 10 Euro & includes fries + A drink - Now you can officially use the statement down below.

I'm eating a burger daily for a good cause.

Check out our video for more details on the campaign.

The Burger

Here's the juicy part: This special burger is an American classic, that you can't really go wrong with;

  • 2 100G beef patties,
  • double cheese,
  • fried onions,
  • lettuce,
  • pickles
  • homemade Smokey mustard sauce

Drooling yet? Order it here for pick up or delivery!

Every bit counts, thank you all for your support.

Will you be ordering this burger?

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