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Spin McDonald’s Wheel of Fortune & you could win some awesome prizes! 🍔

Spin McDonald’s Wheel of Fortune & you could win some awesome prizes! 🍔

We bet you’ve visited a fun fair at some point in your life, or at least seen some American TV show that captured the absolute joy that lucky kid felt the moment they won that monster teddy bear… well, replace that teddy bear with a Big Mac and replace that sugar-rushed kid with you! This is NOT. A. DRILL! You can win yourself the god of all burgers, an original McDonald’s Big Mac for just €2, the hottest side in town, the Pizza Melter's for €1 or a Free Hashbrown with so many more prizes to be won, everyday! - just by hopping onto their mobile app and spinning the Wheel of Fortune! 💫

We’re not joking, this is happening IRL and with just a simple spin you can be chomping down on a selection of McD’s classics (plus some hawt newbies) in no time! The way this new app feature works is pretty simple. Head to the McDonald’s App, enter your name and email address and spin, spin, spin away! 📱

“Errrrm, scuse-me… hi, yeah, you mentioned something about other McD’s classics that I can win… go ahead… I’m listening”, said every hungry foodie out there. Well listen up and listen closely, there are tonnes of McDonald’s bites to be won including the nostalgia boosted Cone, the after dinner classic Apple Pie, a warm Mc Café Regular Cappuccino and the if-you-don’t-like-them-you’re-not-a-real-foodie Chicken McNuggets. 🐔

Some of the prizes are absolutely free of charge and can simply be claimed by showing the helpful McD staff that you’re a true winner by heading to your ‘My Deal’ section on your app, others can find residence in yo’belly for a small charge ranging from €1 to €2 - either way a pure STEAL! 🏆

Get your spins in on the McDonald’s App and keep those fingers crossed. You’ve only got a limited time to use the Wheel of Fortune, so get spinning a Double Cheeseburger could be in your very near future! 🤤

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