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Craving breakfast? There’s a new addition to the McDonald’s menu! 😋

Craving breakfast? There’s a new addition to the McDonald’s menu! 😋

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s breakfast, you’re going to love this one! McDonald’s in Malta have recently introduced a new addition to the breakfast family: the Chicken McMuffin. 😍

It’s a chicken lover’s dream

Who said you can’t have fried chicken for breakfast? If anyone told you that, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 🙅

The Chicken McMuffin is composed of a yummy chicken breast patty with a crispy tempura coating, topped with cheese and mayo, enclosed in a warm, fluffy, toasted English muffin. 🤤

Doesn’t that sound like a delicious breakfast? But that’s not all that McDonald’s offer for breakfast. 😋

Want another McMuffin? Not a problem

There’s a total of SEVEN McMuffins for you to choose from at McDonald’s Malta. My only problem would be which one to choose. 👀

If you want a simple, one layer thing, you can go for the Sausage McMuffin or the Egg McMuffin, instead of the Chicken McMuffin. You can also mix it up a bit with the Sausage and Egg McMuffin - (almost like a full breakfast in a bun! 🤩

Which one's your favourite?

Want to fancy it up a bit with some extra lettuce, tomato, and mayo? There’s the McMuffin Deluxe to sort you out! Or else, double it up with the Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin or the Double Deluxe McMuffin. I think I want one of each. 🤫

You can keep it simple with the McToast

If you like your breakfast to be simple but delicious, then the McToast is for you. 🥪

Whether it’s the McToast with Cheese, the McToast with Ham and Cheese, or the toast royalty, McToast with Bacon and Cheese, I don’t think a simple breakfast ever tasted this good. 🥓

We cannot forget about McDonald’s Scrambled Eggs, can we? This bad boy is served with a toasted English muffin and can also be served with a side of crispy bacon. Most breakfast options can even be made into a combo with a choice of two drinks or a drink and a delicious, crispy, soft hash brown (which can also be taken on its own). ✌️

Now tell us, which option is your favourite from the McDonald’s Malta breakfast menu? 👇

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