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McDonald’s Malta is bringing a classic back for a limited time only! 👀

McDonald’s Malta is bringing a classic back for a limited time only! 👀

We all love a McDonald’s classic, and McDonald’s Malta love to bring back some of our favourites from time to time. Well, prepare to get saucy! 🤩

The legendary McRib is back on our shores after 7 long years! This bad boy is known for making occasional comebacks, and this year, we're lucky enough to see it happen again. How excited are you right now? 👀

What’s the McRib all about?

Well, the McRib is not so complicated, but it managed to marinate the hearts of those who love it across the globe. This saucy legend is composed of a toasted homestyle bun filled with pickles, onions, and a seasoned, boneless piece of pork rib slathered with a nice barbeque sauce. 🤤

Simple, right? But its simplicity has managed to get the McRib its own worldwide locator and a petition to keep it on the menu. The flavour is in the seasoned pork and the barbeque sauce, and the bread is just the perfect vessel for the entire combo. 👌

The McRib from McDonald's Malta.

Look at that saucy legend!

Will you be getting the McRib?

It’s the perfect way to end summer

With the summery season coming to an end, the return of the McRib is the perfect way to bid farewell to the season of barbeques and grilled foods, and make way for a new, saucy season. 😎

It reminds you of those hot summer nights when you’re having a barbeque with your friends and family, but it also has that comforting feeling that warm, wintery foods give you, so this was definitely the right time to bring back this McDonald’s classic. 😋

Planning a McDonald’s night? Get the McRib

This time of year is perfect for nights in with a good movie or series and take-out food. So with the McRib being back on our shores, it’s the perfect excuse to get a McDonald’s feast delivered at home. ✌️

A McRib, fries, Chicken McNuggets, and an apple pie to close off the meal - doesn’t that sound amazing right now? 😍

The McRib from McDonald's Malta.

Look at all that sauce.

Tag someone who needs to get the McRib in the comments! 👇

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