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Gotta be Shatt for fish-fests feat top Sushi & Supreme Octopus Burger 🐙

Gotta be Shatt for fish-fests feat top Sushi & Supreme Octopus Burger 🐙

When two culinary worlds combine, magical things can happen. And with Shatt’s exciting menu meshing the worlds of American style burgers plus the Asian flair of marinated fish and Italian crudo technique, a hybrid food scene at the Sliema Ferries was born. 🍔

Shatt is an adventurous foodie’s dream spot with a controversial name playing on the Maltese word for seafront, ‘Xatt’. Situated right between The Point and the bustling Sliema Ferries, it also makes for the ideal eatery to head to after a few hours of heavy shopping, Christmas themed or not. 🎅🏻

Sushi Platter and Octopus Burger at Shatt

A combo made in fish heaven!

The concept at Shatt is all about creating an atmosphere where quality shines through and this is easily seen in the unique menu rustling up those fusion cravings, satisfied with every bite. But apart from the food menu being so hugely intriguing, the drinks menu is far from shabby. Think of it this way… your interior setting is encased in a huge variety of wines that you can enjoy during your meal. 🍷

So what’s on the Menu at Shatt you ask?

Oh boy! What a menu it is! The major highlights of Shatt’s menu 100% have to be their burgers, sushi selection and their fritti feat. a super bangin’ Fritto Misto and the ultimate Fish & Chips.. All of which you should include in your visit to Shatt by the way. They’ve also got a selection of fish salads and a Grilled Tuna Steak Ciabatta which is pretty damn good kids; perfect for a lunch time hunger buster. 🦑

Servers and Chefs at Shatt

Serving you up right, every single time!

So let’s hear more about those signature Shatt Burgers!

There are 6 Shatt Burgers to choose from, each one more delicious than the other. The most ‘normal’ on the list is definitely the Breaded Seabass; we all know it, we’ve all ordered it time and time again; but never. like. this. Cheese and fried fish sound odd together; but the team at Shatt smashed out this showstopper with creamy mozzarella di Bufalo that oddly pairs really nicely with the buttery and delicate fish flesh that’s hidden under its crispy breaded exterior. Finish it off with some grilled sweet potatoes, a touch of green and a drizzle of house sauce all piled in between a brioche bun. 🤯

And then there’s tartare burgers

Ever tried this? Probably not, eh? Well this ingenious creation takes a slab of fresh tuna, chopped down to tartare perfection with some sweet onions, adds some Asian flair with a dash of teriyaki sauce, piled in the greens and a bit of tomato and goes all anti-Italian with an insane addition of stracciatella. We can’t say we didn’t enjoy this. It was mighty fine and it goes by the name of Teriyaki Tuna Tartare. 🤔

Another tartare burger that we snagged a taste of was the Cured Salmon Tartare which comes with a house-cured salmon tartare, guac, mayo and your good old share of stracciatella. 🥑

And of course, the Prawn Burgers

Shatt’s Fresh Fried Prawn Burger is simply delish. The stracciatella we’ve come to know and love also features in this burger for a unique tanginess and excellent texture addition to the crispy AF fried prawns. There’s also some sweet baby spinach in there and a spicy homemade mayo. 🍤

The Local Red Prawn Crudo is a burger like no other. With the sweetest of sweet local red prawns as the highlight of the burger, this dish is worth every penny and spot on with every bite. Some sidekicks to the burger that really stand out with every bite are the grilled aubergine and pumpkin shavings and of course Shatt’s signature rule-breaking addition of mozzarella di Bufalo. Life. 🦐

And before you head off, there’s also the Supreme Octopus Burger

“Hello friend, I’m in love with you,” is what you will say to this monstrous feast that’s about to delight your every sense. You won’t be looking at this burger beast, you’ll be staring. With perfectly grilled octopus tentacles hanging over the spinach and lemon zested ricotta (that pair heavenly with this burger please note), you might wonder how the actual frack you’re going to dive in… but honey, where there’s a tasty burger, there’s a way. Your will power, your drive and your enthusiasm will kick right in friends. 🐙

Supreme Octopus Burger at Shatt

Octopus Burgers: odd but damn good!

Oh, btw, they’ve also got Sushi Platters on the menu too at Shatt!

Makes sense huh? That a restaurant focusing on high quality raw fish would also focus on sushi. But, trust, you’ve never experienced quality sushi like this. From the classic sushi bites like Salmon, Tuna, Seabass and Ebi Nigiri to the in-house creations like the Special Jungle Roll featuring crab, mango, cucumber, salad and a special house sauce or the Shatt Roll that features (in order of uniqueness) local red prawns, avocado, spring onion, pistachio and ricotta. If your mind’s not blown your tastebuds will be and it’s a good ride pals. 😉

Sushi Platter at Shatt

A sushi platter is the AWESOME-EST gift this Christmas!

But perhaps the coolest thing about Shatt’s Sushi is their versatility in platters. There’s literally a platter for everyone; from portion size to adventure levels, selection of fish and everything in between. You could easily smash out a 20pc Sushi Platter alone with 6 mixed sashimi and 8 rolls to keep you satisfied; but you might need some help with the 80pc Sushi Platter. 32 rolls might be hard to manage, especially with 12 sashimi slices in there too… or will it? 🍣

Sushi Platter at Shatt

Grab a sushi platter with. your pals this week!

Every bite of food at Shatt is wonderful. As sceptical as I was of a crudo burger; I must say I will probably be going back for another bite pretty soon. So if you love fish, love crudo, live fried fish and can easily smash a burger AND some sushi pieces - hit this place up next time you’re in at the Xatt or order up on WOLT for a quick and easy delivery. 🚲

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