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A FoodBlog x Cisk collab. Smash a Meal Combo at super special rates! 🍺

A FoodBlog x Cisk collab. Smash a Meal Combo at super special rates! 🍺

What do you get when you combine Malta’s favourite lager with a bunch of your top eateries? A FoodBlog x Cisk meal combo - duh! 🤷‍♀️

What better way to wash down some killer eats than with a swig of Cisk. Now we’re talkin’. 🍻

As part of the many collabs in store for y’all this year, FoodBlog’s love for an ice-cold lager had to feature as our first massive collaboration of the year! And it’s pretty simple really, Cisk is hands-down the nation’s ultimate go-to lager - heck, you’ll enjoy its rich hoppy aromas and slight bitter punch, even if lager’s not really your jam! 💯

Cisk has been around the block a few times, but we’ve found its partners in crime, its best-served sidekicks, its perfect pairs, its… well, you get the picture. 🤣

If you’re craving a Cisk, and who isn’t, and maybe a bomb burger, a slice of pizza and maybe even a doner could be the ultimate companion. 💣

These are the 4 FoodBlog favs that we hit up to bring you the ultimate FoodBlog Cisk Combos. 👇


We kicked it off back in 2020, with NomNom’s Christmas Special where a kingly turkey patty took centre stage. This beast came with a tangy cranberry marmalade, crispy AF bacon, melted Brie and a wee bit of lettuce to balance it all out. ⚖️

Get this deal on WOLT, Bolt Food or dine in for that super chilled Cisk sensation. 🚲


Next up on our Cisk Combo Hall of Fame was Bandit, a favourite among good-burger-lovers for their creative take on special edition burgers that always smash it out the park. This bad boy serves up 180g of beef and came topped with candied (yes, candied) bacon, cheese and good ol’ maple mayo. 🍔

The special feature in this combo of epic proportions was the deep-fried Brie, and of course a half-pint of Malta’s No.1 brew - Cisk. Wowza, this was a good one! 👍

Cafe Cuba

So, here’s the thing, we know you come to the FoodBlog crew when you’re dying to bite into a delish monster burger… so guess what we got in touch with the folks at Cafe Cuba to get you… another Cisk + El Gringo burger combo. We see you. We got you! 😉

But we kinda wanted to give you a classic-classic combo too… a Capricciosa pizza - yeah boi… fancy digging into that! Both served with a half of Cisk. You’re so welcome. 🍕

Posh Turkish

Our Kebab King made it to the show too… with an awesome FoodBlog Cisk Combo available from Wolt or the Posh Turkish outlet in Birzebbuga. This colossal combo includes 2 Doner Meals with their crispy mofo fries and pillow-soft pita stacked right on the side of your meaty feast. 🌯

This combo feeds 2 (hungry) foodies and comes with 2 exceptional pints of… you guessed it - Cisk. 🤲

Check out all the outstanding offers on our Instagram feed - get your deliveries in, head out for a quick bite to eat or throw yourself a virtual get together with your mates… with a FoodBlog x Cisk Combo Meal as the life of the party. 🥳

Make the most of these special rates FoodFam, these combos won’t be here for long. ⏳

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