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Fancy a sweet treat? Free Choconut Cake with your next Ina’s Order! 🎂

Fancy a sweet treat? Free Choconut Cake with your next Ina’s Order! 🎂

You know those dragging afternoons that take all the life out of you and make you moan and complain like an uber temperamental toddler? They usually run from Monday - Friday, and peak on Wednesdays at around 3pm - that horrible transition from your lunch break to end of day, where time seems to stop still. And if you’ve decided to amp up the lazy factor at the weekend, choosing to stay in, a spell of boredom usually kicks in around this time too. So really friends, what’s the solution? 🤷‍♀️

Order Ina’s - duh! 🍰

What you, dear bored foodie are probably experiencing is a sugar deficit and there’s nothing duller than an afternoon lost to the hopes and dreams that could have been sorted with a chomp of a cookie. 🍪

… or maybe a big, delicious bite of a Pecan Cinnamon Caramel Brownie. It’s totally clear that your happiness will spike with a quick bite of one of these delicious treats, so a quick tap on WOLT or Bolt Food will instantly make your mid-afternoon blues disappear! 👋

But Ina’s is not only there to drag you out of your slump, no sir, it’s also there to keep your spirits high on the sugary treats that can come your way with a magical delivery order or a quick trip to The Carob Tree in St Julian’s. 🚴‍♀️

At Ina’s you can get your hands on moist AF cakes, super creative tarts, the highest quality artisanal ice-cream with 20+ flavs to choose from and so many other delicious, freshly baked treats! 🍨

Plus, if you’re getting yourself a delivery home or to the office with WOLT or Bolt Food, you’ll get a free Choconut Cake packed in with your order! This chocolate and hazelnut (the Choconut!) bite will give you absolute life and make you grin from ear to ear too! 😊

This offer is on till the 15th of December, so be sure to order up and get your free Choconut with every order at Ina’s!  😋

But  a few questions remain, what should you order and how long will it take to get to you? 🤔

Here are some options:

The Lemon Meringue Pie 🍋

Tangy, tasty and made just for you!

The Profiterole 😍

The perfect bite for a pick me up this week!

The Crunchy Peanut Slice 🥜

A nutty treat covered in chocolate and heading straight for your mouth!

The Raspberry Frosting Opera Tart ❤️

A tart tart, that will make you pucker up just that little bit!

The Milk Chocolate Glazed Reconstructed Bounty 🥥

A new contender that’s ready to steal the limelight!

Get a couple of treats home for you and your fam, or give the office vibe a bit of a boost with a varied Ina’s order that will pack in a free Choconut Cake if you order before December 15th. 🎄

Your afternoons will never be the same again, whether it's a single slice of cake or a big ol' whole one - tea time just got 100% better! 🍫

Ohh... if you're a lover of all things Halloween... keep your eyes peeled for some spooky drops that will find their way onto your feeds. Give Ina's a follow and stay tuned!

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