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Different Doughnuts from around the World 🍩

Different Doughnuts from around the World 🍩

One thing I have noticed from my interest in food around the globe, is that every country seems to have its own form of doughnut! 

This delicious treat takes many different forms, from the all-American simple glazed doughnut, to the honey-drenched doughnuts covered in nuts from a street vendor in Greece. Let’s dive in and take a look at the different types of donuts around the world. 🍩

All American

Many would argue that the USA is the home of the doughnut. America really embraces its doughnut culture and the glazed ring doughnut is ubiquitous to the USA. They are a popular breakfast option there, alongside filter coffee, and almost every basic hotel breakfast hosts at least one platter of glazed goodies. 🇺🇸 

Greece is the word

No Greek holiday would be complete without tasting the local loukoumas - small balls of fried dough soaked in a honey syrup and topped with nuts or sesame seeds. 🇬🇷 

Germany and the Berliner

The Berliner is Germany’s offering to the world of doughnuts. The doughnut here is not a ring but a solid round doughnut usually filled with strawberry jam and coated in sugar granules. This popular doughnut has made a name for itself around the world and can be found in lots of European countries. 🇩🇪

Challenge: Can you eat one without licking the sugar from your lips?! It’s more difficult than it sounds…  🤣

Phew, Chile!

Chile is also a fan of the “Berliner” style of doughnut, most likely because of the large community of German settlers there. In Chile, the centre is stuffed with creamy “man jar” - the Chilean version of dulce de leche (a kind of toffee cream made from condensed milk). 🇨🇱


Indian feasts regularly see the “gulgula” being served - small doughnut balls often flavoured with spices such as fennel, and traditionally made using jaggery, a type of cane sugar commonly used in Asian cuisine. 🇮🇳

Have you tried any of these doughnuts?


How could we round up this doughnut article without mentioning our local offerings? Small, hot, ring doughnuts covered in sugar and cinnamon are commonplace at any Maltese festa. 🎆

And who can forget the loud speaker announcing the arrival of the “tad-donuts” van in your village? Out of that van, you can purchase fluffy round doughnuts topped with a blob of sticky jam, or a long doughnut filled with fluffy whipped cream and a little jam. 🇲🇹

This list could go on and on. Nearly every nation has their version of delectable doughnuts to sample. I shall make it my mission to try as many as I can manage.

One question remains: do you spell it as “doughnut” or “donut”?! 🤔

Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow for recommendations for the very best local spots to enjoy a doughnut or two!

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