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Black Friday Deals on Food? Grano knows what's up! 🥪💥

Black Friday Deals on Food? Grano knows what's up! 🥪💥

As Black Friday approaches, we continue to see deals after deals on anything imaginable. But what we really want to see more of in Malta are Black Friday deals on food! 🙏

Well, my friends, our prayers are being answered this week. And it's all thanks to Grano, a spot in Valletta where all your sandwich dreams (and those of Black Friday food deals) come true. 🥪

What's the Deal?

We want to think of it as a foodie's happy hour, but over two whole days. On the 26th and 27th of November, you will be able to benefit from this super offer available on eat-ins only:

Buy 1 panino and get the 2nd one half price if you follow Grano on Instagram and show the staff our post below. 👇

Will you be visiting Grano for Black Friday?

Why should you go?

If you have not visited Grano yet and you're wondering if this place would be worth your time, let us delve deeper into the reasons why it definitely is:

It’s not your usual sandwich

Forget about your basic ham and cheese. Grano serve up some killer gourmet panini and New-York-style bagels that will leave you dreaming about them for days. 🥯

Whether you want the Classic Bagel, with smoked prosciutto, provolone and honey mustard, or you want to level up with something like the Hogwich, a sandwich with a slow-roasted local pork shoulder, applewood cheese, house golden BBQ sauce and pickles, every sandwich is to die for. 😍

 The Hogwich: slow-roasted local pork shoulder, applewood cheese, house golden BBQ sauce and pickles,

The Hogwich: slow-roasted local pork shoulder, applewood cheese, house golden BBQ sauce and pickles,

You can also opt for wraps, salads, or multigrain breads apart from sandwiches and bagels - the world is your oyster! 🥖

It’s in beautiful Valletta

Is there a better place to eat than the picturesque streets of Valletta? Grano is located in one of the prettiest streets of our capital city: St Lucy Street (corner with Merchant Street). ❤️

Take a seat at Grano and enjoy your massive sandwich and your lovely surroundings. 🥰

There are some killer specials from time to time

As the seasons change, Grano also update their specials to keep our taste buds on their feet. Remember their first anniversary? We love this place so much that we collaborated with them for an exclusive anniversary special: The Wild Boar & Truffle sandwich. Now that was a stunner. 🔥

P.S. make sure to keep an eye out for something Christmas-sy coming your way soon! 🤫

It’s flippin’ delicious

The most important part of it all: the taste. Grano sandwiches are other-worldly. Even though at first sight they’re already bangin’, these sandwiches taste like love at first bite. 🤤

Grano only use ingredients that are super fresh and of high-quality. They are not shy when it comes to filling your sandwich and they always have your satisfaction at heart. All of this is what sets this place apart from other sandwich spots. ✌️

FoodBlog Favs:

This sandwich spot in Valletta is probably one of our most favourite eateries in Malta. Although the entire menu could just as well be our favourite, we do have our top picks. 😋

The Brontese, for instance, should definitely be on your list. The Tagliata is another bombshell - I mean, a perfectly cooked steak, lying comfortably on a bed of sweet potato mash, drizzled with a generous amount of truffle mayo and garnished with rucola and Grana Padano is a combo that hits every inch of your taste buds. 🤩

The ones that are on my very own list are the Panino Tacchino, the Mighty Duck and the Fig ’n’ Chicken multigrain sandwich. Even though, if I’m really being honest, my actual goal is to try every single thing on the menu. 👀

If you want to get a feel of what it would be like to eat at Grano, read through our Food Editor Kristina’s experience here and you’ll understand why you need to give this place a go. Just remember, visit Grano on the 26th or 27th of November (or both), follow them on Instagram, show them our Insta post above, and get your second panino at half price when eating in! 😎

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