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All we want for Christmas is La Crema’s Pistachio Panettone 🤩

All we want for Christmas is La Crema’s Pistachio Panettone 🤩

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Christmas time in Malta is the food that comes along with it. And one of the foods that I absolutely LOVE is panettone. I also LOVE pistachios. Yes, that’s a whole lotta love. 🥰

So when it’s panettone season, I know that it’s time for La Crema’s divine pistachio panettone. These panettoni are so damn delicious that La Crema started taking pre-orders for them back in mid November (they cost 25 euros). 👀

Crema di Pistacchio and crunchy pistachios are life

Pistachios are like the elite out of all nuts. So having a panettone that is so fluffy and soft covered with pistachio cream and a bunch of crushed pistachios is just something that you need to experience in your lifetime. 😍

This panettone from La Crema is probably one of the best ones we’ve ever had, and we’re not just saying that. Have you ever eaten something that feels like a hug from the inside? The pistachio panettone from La Crema is one of those things. 😌

Have you ever had La Crema’s Pistachio Panettone?

You can never go wrong with a Sicilian bakery

Whenever you hear that a bakery is Sicilian, you just know that the food is going to be good. That’s just a fact of life. A lot of love and passion goes into these baked goods, and the pistachio panettone is one of La Crema’s top desserts. 🤤

It’s definitely one of their best sellers, but that’s no surprise, really. If you’ve already tried this, you know why. 😎

La Crema is all about the good stuff

If you haven’t been to La Crema yet, their pistachio panettone is definitely a good way to start. I swear, once you try this place out, you will want to keep going back for more. 😋

It’s not just the pistachio panettone that you need to try from here. It’s everything. I mean, let’s face it, how can you say no to a pistachio croissant and a good cup of coffee for breakfast? They also have some pretty good sandwiches for a quick bite and even delicious fluffy donuts for dessert! 🍩

Will you be ordering a pistachio panettone this Christmas from La Crema? Let us know in the comments! If you do, take a photo of your beautiful panettone, upload it on your socials and tag us - we want to see all the #PistachioPanettonePorn out there. 😏

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