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Which Foods Provide Us with More Energy than Coffee? ☕

Which Foods Provide Us with More Energy than Coffee? ☕

In this day and age, relying on coffee to get through your day has almost become as necessary as drinking water. Coffee tastes amazing, warms you up and - most importantly - fills you up with enough energy to keep you alert. If you happen to be a coffee addict like I am, you’ve probably heard the phrase “too much coffee isn’t good for you” once or twice. 

While fueling your body with healthy substances is necessary, so is staying energetic. Here are 7 foods that actually give you more energy than coffee. ☕


This sweet summer fruit has a lot of water in it, which is excellent for reducing fatigue and weariness. Dehydration is one of the main causes of a lack of energy and staying hydrated is always important. With its naturally boosting properties and hydrating factor, it’s hard not to love watermelon. 🍉


The best thing that could rest on your plate in the morning happens to be packed with protein,  which is good for providing a steady source of energy. Besides, there are numerous ways you can cook this classic and tasty food. 🍳


Yet another excuse to cook up some classic Indian food at home? Yes, please. Spice up your next bowl of rice by adding some cardamom pods. They not only add plenty of flavour to any curry dish but also provide us with an energy boost. Yum! 🍛


Curing hangovers isn’t the only benefit of eating bananas. This fruit is packed with potassium, carbs, and vitamin B6 - which means that eating a banana every once in a while will nourish you with plenty of energising nutrients. 🍌


Only a few people can say that they’ve had a smooth sailing relationship with spinach. You don’t have to adore spinach to start adding more of it to your meals. Trust me, adding a handful of spinach leaves to pasta dishes, sandwiches and salads will help with fatigue. This iron-packed food is a must-have. 💪


Sharing a large sushi platter might leave you feeling bloated for a while, but fish can also give us plenty of energy. It isn’t the quickest food that gives us energy, but it does act as a slower, longer-lasting energy source when eaten in good quantities. P.S. opt for sustainable fish whenever possible, let’s do our bit in saving the planet. 🐟


Can’t seem to decide what to put on your morning toast? We already know that eggs provide us with plenty of energy, but what about beans? The iron and B-vitamins in beans are excellent for fighting off fatigue, as do lentils. 🥫

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